In the next part of this series Emanuele adds in a scrolling parallax background.

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Emanuele Feronato continues his series: "Here we go with the 4th part of the HTML5 endless runner prototype powered by Phaser and Arcade physics.

Time for a small recap: in first step, I was able to set up a basic endless runner with double jump and room for customization using object pooling to save resources.

In second step I added even more room for customization and – most important – a player animation.

In third step I added texture to platforms – no more white boxes – and coins to collect. Coins have their own animation and once collected they disappear in a way similar to the one you used to see in Super Mario series.

Now it’s time to add a scrolling parallax background, which is made by a series of images moving at a slower speed than the platform, giving the illusion they are moving in the distance."

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