A wide range of checkmate puzzles across two different game modes ensure hours of mental activity for chess fans!

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From RavalMatic: "Chess Grandmaster is the perfect travel companion for brainy gamers. Enjoy the two different game modes: classic matches against a custom AI and chess problems. A wide array of checkmate puzzles with two, three, and four moves will ensure hours of stimulating mental activity.


Classic chess matches will allow players to choose the difficulty of the rival. Besides the Quick Match mode, Chess Grandmaster features more than 1,000 assorted puzzles in total. Each puzzle is also accompanied with contextual info about the players who performed that sequence of moves. You can put yourself in the shoes of famous chess players and even historical figures such as Napoleon.

Its laid down atmosphere makes it perfect for a chill long session of play. Playing chess in HTML5 means you can enjoy solving problems wether from a computer or mobiles devices. This classic and sober look makes it appealing for senior audiences. Don’t worry if you are providing games to younger audiences. We also have Junior Chess, and Chess Challenges with a cartoony style that will help making chess a more entertaining experience for kids."

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