A combat based RPG spread over a huge map. Imagine Harry Potter mixed with Pokemon!

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From RavalMatic: "Magikmon is a combat based RPG with a huge map to explore. The perfect blend of Harry Potter and Pokemon. The AD ratio value of this game is way above the average. Video AD visualizations are perfectly integrated in the gameplay so players are keen on watching some commercials in exchange of valuable in-game items.


A young apprentice just got to his Magic School. It’s his first day and instead of a formal reception what he found are hordes of quarrelsome magical creatures wandering by the gloomy gardens. And that’s how it was meant to be. In order to join this exclusive school he’ll have to overcome this ordeal fighting his way through a gazillion magical contenders. It’s the only way to prove he’ll be a worthy student of Ogdoad’s Magic School."

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