Another month, another hot new release of Phaser! This time bringing a rewrite of the Input API, full multi-touch, mouse wheel support and more.

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After another month of hard work, we're very happy to announce the release of Phaser 3.18. In this release we took the time to rewrite large chunks of the Input API. This allowed us to fix a number of issues that had arisen, as well as optimizing the internal event flow. Native support for complete Multi-Touch support, Mouse Wheels and more advanced Pointer Button handling are now available. The whole API is smaller and tidier after the clean-up, which is always a good thing.

We've also added lots of other features and updates, including better Matter physics constraint handling, Arcade Physics improvements, Audio decoding events, Text justification, new Bounds methods and a lot, lot more. As usual, it doesn't end there, though. You'll find hundreds of great new features, updates and fixes.


Thanks to some hard work updating this website, you can now run all of the Phaser 3 examples directly from here! Such as this fun multi-touch piano example :)

Download Phaser 3.18.0 from the GitHub releases page, or pull it in via the npm package. There are also the pre-built files available on the jsDeliver CDN.

The brand new 3.18 documentation has been updated and published. As before, you can read it online, or check out the repo to have a local copy.

The TypeScript definitions have been improved further still and are now available in the main Phaser repo. So, there's no need to clone another repo when updating Phaser any longer.

As always, please check out the Change Log for comprehensive details about what recent versions contain.

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Phaser 3 wouldn't have been possible without the fantastic support of the community and Patreon. Thank you to everyone who supports our work, who shares our belief in the future of HTML5 gaming, and Phaser's role in that.