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Phaser Sandbox v2

30th April 2024

The free online Phaser code editor just got a boost to version 2. Check out the new features.


23rd April 2024

An arcade perfect conversion of the classic Konami frog-hopping road-running game

Phaser by Example Book

19th April 2024

A brand-new free 500 page book on game development with Phaser. Learn by building shoot-em-ups, puzzle games, rogue-likes and more.

Phaser Sandbox

19th April 2024

Easily create, fork and share your Phaser code in our new Sandbox

Taru Taro Legends

5th April 2024

Jump, Run and Slash game in this side scrolling adventure

Create Game App

2nd April 2024

New Phaser create-game CLI app makes getting started faster than ever