If there is one thing we see a lot of here, it is developers trying to take inspiration from arcade classics, often recreating the games of their youth. However, there is inspiration, and then there is the amount of effort that Vic Emond has put into this conversion of the 1981 Konami classic, Frogger. For those lucky enough to be too young to be familiar with the game, you play the role of a frog, who simply has to cross the road and water hazards to reach safety at the far end of the shore. It's punishing, precise, and addictive, like all good arcade games of the era.


It's graphically perfect. Not just in the sprites. After all, those are quite easy to find on the web these days. But Vic spent countless hours pouring over the original gameplay to ensure that it was all as accurate as he could make it. The attract sequence, the high score table, and the info screen.


After reverse-engineering the original and reading as much source material as he could find, he spent a lot of time within Phaser to ensure he got the gameplay feel and audio just right. The result? A wonderful conversion of a wonderful game you'd be hard-pressed to know wasn't running directly in an emulator.

For those unfamiliar with the original, press 5 to give yourself credits and then press 1 or 2 to start a one or two player game. Then use the cursors to guide the frog across the road.

Play Frogger