Today, we're very pleased to announce the release of our Create Game app. This is a new CLI / terminal app for Windows, macOS, or Linux that allows you to get started with Phaser faster than ever. Issue one command to invoke the app, and it will interactively guide you through setting up a default Phaser project, ready and configured to use any of the wide range of front-end frameworks or web bundlers we have available.

You can choose from all the popular front-end frameworks, including React, Vue, and Svelte. If you don't need a framework and just want a ready-configured bundler, that option is also available, including pre-configured templates for Vite, Webpack, Rollup, ESBuild, and more. Most templates also come in both JavaScript and TypeScript variations, and when available, you'll be prompted to select the one you prefer.

The app also includes 3 demo games. You can install a matching pairs game, a pixel-art shoot-em-up game, or a coin clicker game. These serve as example projects to help you dive in and learn quickly.

View Create Game App Tutorial