Today version 2 of the Phaser Sandbox was released. The sandbox is a free online code editor that allows you to create, save and share Phaser examples in a matter of seconds. It's a great way to quickly test out ideas, share them with others, or just experiment with Phaser without needing to set up a local development environment.

This version brings a whole host of new features and improvements to the original version. The main new features are:

  • Title - You can now give your sandbox entry a title. This will be displayed when someone views it, or if you embed it onto your site.
  • Embed - Talking of embedding, you will now find embed code if you click the 'Embed' button in your User account. This will give you a simple iframe that you can copy and paste into your site to embed your game or example.
  • Favorite - When viewing someones Sandbox entry, click the heart icon to favorite it.


  • QR Mobile Code - Each sandbox entry now automatically generates a QR code. This is useful for quick testing on mobile devices or social sharing.
  • Delete old Sandboxes - Want to clean up your account? You can now delete old sandbox entries. If someone has forked one of your entries, it will still remain in their account.
  • Improved UI - The user interface has been improved to make it easier to use and manage your entries.


There are also lots of new features in the front-end. Click the 'Settings' icon to get to them. They include:

  • FPS Stats - You can now toggle the display of an FPS Stats panel in the top right of the sandbox. This will show you the current frame rate.
  • Fullscreen Switch - Toggle the game to run in fullscreen mode. This is particularly useful for mobile devices.
  • Collapsable Panels - Want more room to code? Click the new icons at the bottom of the sandbox to collapse the left and right panels to give you more space.
  • Sandbox Info - You can now edit the title and description of your sandbox entry directly from the settings panel.

We've got lots more features planned for the future, but we hope you enjoy this new version of the Phaser Sandbox. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know in Discord!

Visit the Phaser Sandbox