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Flash to Phaser JSFL Script

28th May 2014

Build your game scenes in the Flash IDE and export to JS


9th May 2014

A visual Phaser game editor

Multi-platform games with Phaser

1st May 2014

A great tutorial covering Phaser app set-up by Eden Agency

Multi Screen Development in Phaser

28th April 2014

A nice tutorial and set of code for multi-screen support

French Flappy Bird Tutorial

24th April 2014

A comprehensive tutorial building Flappy Bird (French language).

Phaser 2.0 Tutorial: Flappy Bird (Part 5)

15th April 2014

Scoring, Sound, Particles and Persistant Storage

Phaser 2.0 Tutorial: Flappy Bird (Part 4)

9th April 2014

Timers, Group Recycling, and Death

Phaser 2.0 Tutorial: Flappy Bird (Part 1)

8th April 2014

A really comprehensive Getting Started guide

2048 in Phaser

4th April 2014

How to create a complete HTML5 “2048” game with Phaser

How to make a Flappy Bird

27th February 2014

Part 2: Adding animations and sound

How to make a Flappy Bird

20th February 2014

Part 1: In just 65 lines of code

How to Make Your First Roguelike

22nd December 2013

A great tutorial on making a roguelike game in Phaser

How to us Phaser with Typescript

11th December 2013

A new 2 part tutorial series


7th December 2013

Making your first Phaser game