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Unofficial Phaser Help Center is Live

30th April 2021

Easily browse the Phaser API and Examples using this new online tool from the author of Phaser Editor.

Matter Physics Object Pools

30th April 2021

Learn how to use Object Pools with Matter.js Physics bodies in Phaser 3.

Aqua Blitz 2

29th April 2021

Join Pearl the mermaid as she guides you on an adventure through more than 700 splashy levels in this beautiful undersea match 3.

Bricks Hyper Casual Game Tutorial

28th April 2021

Learn how to make the game Bricks using Arcade Physics and Tweens.

Lucky Golden Piggies

27th April 2021

Work your way to fortune and prosperity as you merge the super-cute piggie banks together in this addictive game.

Phaser 3 GUI Inspector

26th April 2021

Gain an insight into your display list, Game Objects and more with this UI debugging tool.

Game Optimization with Object Pools

23rd April 2021

This tutorial builds upon earlier with a dedicated class for re-usability and integration with the Game Object Factory.

Corey Taylor Wrestling Game

22nd April 2021

Choose from 4 characters and take-on Corey MF Taylor in this album tie-in brawler.


21st April 2021

Your very own Virtual Stream Pet.

Planet Gravity Tutorial

21st April 2021

Learn about how to add “Radial gravity” or “Planet gravity” to your games with Arcade Physics.

Missile Command

20th April 2021

Your six cities are being attacked by an endless barrage of ballistic missiles. It's up to you, commander, to protect them.

Geolocation Leaderboards Tutorial

19th April 2021

Maintaining a Geolocation Specific Game Leaderboard with Phaser and MongoDB.

Endless Siege

16th April 2021

Build and upgrade your defenses to survive endless waves of marauding beasts, with a new map every day!

Life of Logic Tutorial

16th April 2021

Build a game like “A Life of Logic” with Phaser 3.

Hyper Maria Rush

15th April 2021

Dash up the pitch, avoiding the oncoming enemies, collecting power-ups on your way to the penalty shoot-out!

Game Object Pools Tutorial

14th April 2021

Optimize your game with Basic Object Pools in Phaser 3 using the Group Class.

Katamari Damacy Mini

13th April 2021

The King of All Cosmos has done it again! Roll your katamari around, collecting enough items to restore the stars in the sky.

Floating Numbers Plugin

12th April 2021

Easily add floating numbers into your game to show when you've gained points or xp.

Create the Dino Chrome Game

9th April 2021

This tutorial and accompanying video walk you through the process of creating the classic Chrome Dino game.

Panel Flux

8th April 2021

A fantastic unlimited match 3 puzzle game, with chunky pixel graphics and awesome chip tunes.

Spotlight Effect Tutorial

7th April 2021

Creating a Flashlight or Spotlight Effect in Phaser 3 using a RenderTexture and alpha masks.

Moto Racer

6th April 2021

A fully open-source physics based bike racer. Collect the coins and see how long you can survive!

Surfingers Tutorial

5th April 2021

Build a HTML5 game like “Surfingers” using Phaser and Arcade Physics.

Phaser 3 TypeScript Starter

2nd April 2021

A handy starter template including Phaser, TypeScript, Rollup and Vite.

Merge Round Racers

1st April 2021

Collect cars, merge them together and race them to earn coins in this highly addictive garage themed merge game.