Build and upgrade your defenses to survive endless waves of marauding beasts, with a new map every day!

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Survive endless waves of marauding beasts in Endless Siege. Build your defenses and upgrade them to weather a persistent onslaught of enemies. There’s a new map every day!

Endless Siege is an addictive tower defense game. The waves of enemies are endless, but you can prepare your defenses and choose when the next wave starts. If you’re feeling brave, you can keep clicking to release multiple waves of enemies at once.

You have a selection of turrets. Typically they shoot crossbows, arrows, and cannonballs. There’s also a time warp turret - this slows the enemies down to buy you more time.


As the ever-growing waves get stronger, you can upgrade each turret from level 1-10, with each upgrade providing a buff to the weapon’s base stats. The more enemies you kill, the more gold you earn for placing more turrets and upgrading your existing arsenal.

When you’ve earned some serious currency, you can upgrade your turret’s form, providing a massive boost in stats—for example, the torch upgrades from fire to electricity.


Rather uniquely, there is one single map in Endless Siege that changes daily. With each new map comes different start and exit points—and different areas to place your weapons.


Endless Siege is a singleplayer game, available to play in your web browser for free. See how long you can withstand the pressure of 1000 warring beasts. Just head over to CrazyGames to play Endless Siege in your web browser using a desktop or mobile device.

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