Learn the complete process of creating a procedural endless runner game, with full source code.
  • 177 Pages
  • Learn to code Phaser with TypeScript
  • Full Game Source Code included
  • Learn about skeletal animations with Spriter
  • Screen size scaling chapter
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This book will guide you through the complete process of creating a procedural endless runner game. From setting up the project, to finishing a polished game.

The game you'll make is called Goblin Run, and development is handled using TypeScript. TypeScript is superset of JavaScript, and if you are JavaScript programmer you should have no problems following.

In the first part of the book you will create a very flexible procedural generator, which you can later use in other games. You will learn how to play skeletal animations, using the free Spriter Player for Phaser library. In later chapters, you will enhance the generator, as well as the game play; with new features like spikes, bonus jumps and gold.

When it comes to polishing, you will add particles and shadows under the main character. You will learn how to save and load preferences, and how to play sounds and music. One chapter is focused on scaling to handle different screen sizes. Finally, you will complete game with menu screen and preloader bar.

The book is accompanied with complete resource files, with all the source and assets for every chapter.


  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up the project
  3. Adding states
  4. Calculating jump tables
  5. Generating platforms
  6. Adding player
  7. Enhancing generator
  8. Adding tile graphics
  9. Animating player
  10. Background layers
  11. Spikes
  12. Bonus jump
  13. Gold
  14. Particles
  15. Shadow
  16. Record
  17. Sounds and music
  18. Scaling and orientation
  19. Menu screen
  20. Loading screen
  21. Conclusion