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Phaser. PointerMode

new PointerMode()

Enumeration categorizing operational modes of pointers.

PointerType values represent valid bitmasks. For example, a value representing both Mouse and Touch devices can be expressed as PointerMode.CURSOR | PointerMode.CONTACT.

Values may be added for future mode categorizations.

Source code: input/Pointer.js (Line 1216)

Public Properties

[static] CONTACT

A 'CONTACT' pointer has an active cursor that only tracks movement when actived; notably this is a touch-style input.

Source code: input/Pointer.js (Line 1231)

[static] CURSOR

A 'CURSOR' is a pointer with a passive cursor such as a mouse, touchpad, watcom stylus, or even TV-control arrow-pad.

It has the property that a cursor is passively moved without activating the input. This currently corresponds with Phaser.Pointer#isMouse property.

Source code: input/Pointer.js (Line 1225)