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Phaser.Physics.P2. LockConstraint

new LockConstraint(world, bodyA, bodyB, offset, angle, maxForce)

Locks the relative position between two bodies.

Name Type Argument Default Description
world Phaser.Physics.P2

A reference to the P2 World.

bodyA p2.Body

First connected body.

bodyB p2.Body

Second connected body.

offset Array <optional>

The offset of bodyB in bodyA's frame. The value is an array with 2 elements matching x and y, i.e: [32, 32].

angle number <optional>

The angle of bodyB in bodyA's frame.

maxForce number <optional>

The maximum force that should be applied to constrain the bodies.

Source code: physics/p2/LockConstraint.js (Line 19)

Public Properties

game : Phaser.Game

Local reference to game.

Source code: physics/p2/LockConstraint.js (Line 28)

world : Phaser.Physics.P2

Local reference to P2 World.

Source code: physics/p2/LockConstraint.js (Line 33)