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Phaser.Component. LifeSpan

new LifeSpan()

LifeSpan Component Features.

Source code: gameobjects/components/LifeSpan.js (Line 12)

Public Properties

alive : boolean

A useful flag to control if the Game Object is alive or dead.

This is set automatically by the Health components damage method should the object run out of health. Or you can toggle it via your game code.

This property is mostly just provided to be used by your game - it doesn't effect rendering or logic updates. However you can use Group.getFirstAlive in conjunction with this property for fast object pooling and recycling.

Default Value
  • true
Source code: gameobjects/components/LifeSpan.js (Line 50)

lifespan : number

The lifespan allows you to give a Game Object a lifespan in milliseconds.

Once the Game Object is 'born' you can set this to a positive value.

It is automatically decremented by the millisecond equivalent of game.time.physicsElapsed each frame. When it reaches zero it will call the kill method.

Very handy for particles, bullets, collectibles, or any other short-lived entity.

Source code: gameobjects/components/LifeSpan.js (Line 65)

Public Methods

<static> preUpdate()

The LifeSpan component preUpdate handler. Called automatically by the Game Object.

Source code: gameobjects/components/LifeSpan.js (Line 20)

kill() → {PIXI.DisplayObject}

Kills a Game Object. A killed Game Object has its alive, exists and visible properties all set to false.

It will dispatch the onKilled event. You can listen to events.onKilled for the signal.

Note that killing a Game Object is a way for you to quickly recycle it in an object pool, it doesn't destroy the object or free it up from memory.

If you don't need this Game Object any more you should call destroy instead.


This instance.

Source code: gameobjects/components/LifeSpan.js (Line 113)

revive(health) → {PIXI.DisplayObject}

Brings a 'dead' Game Object back to life, optionally resetting its health value in the process.

A resurrected Game Object has its alive, exists and visible properties all set to true.

It will dispatch the onRevived event. Listen to events.onRevived for the signal.

Name Type Argument Default Description
health number <optional>

The health to give the Game Object. Only set if the GameObject has the Health component.


This instance.

Source code: gameobjects/components/LifeSpan.js (Line 78)