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Haunted Tower

29th March 2024

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood, build a tower and zap it good!

Gamedev.js Jam 2024

29th March 2024

Enter a Phaser game in Gamedev.js Jam 2024 for a share of $1000 worth of prize money

Create Discord Games with Phaser

27th March 2024

A new tutorial and project template for creating games on Discord with Phaser

Official Phaser 3 and Next.js Template

27th March 2024

Create a game combining Phaser 3 and Next.js in this Project Template

Phaser 3 and Angular Template

20th March 2024

Bridging Worlds: Unleashing Creativity with the Phaser + Angular Template


18th March 2024

An Emerging Gaming Platform is now seeking the Creativity of Phaser Developers


15th March 2024

An infinite world of endless adventure

Phaser 3 and SolidJS Template

14th March 2024

Combine the power of Phaser 3 with the reactivity of SolidJS

Phaser Explorer is Released

12th March 2024

The all-in-one Phaser API Documentation and Examples browser is now available

Official Phaser 3 and Svelte Template

8th March 2024

Seamless Integration of Phaser 3 and Svelte for Enhanced Game Development

Match Bee

7th March 2024

Buzzing Through Blossoms: A Honey-Drenched Adventure in a Time-Ticking Floral Frenzy

Centarius Next-Gen Competitive Gaming

6th March 2024

Centarius is seeking Phaser games for their next-gen competitive gaming platform.

Phaser 3 and React TypeScript Template

4th March 2024

A Project Template that marries Phaser 3, React and TypeScript

Vampire Survivors Space 54

29th February 2024

Vampire Survivors has fantastic new characters that Phaser devs will love!

Choose Happiness @ Work Online

28th February 2024

Life’s too short to be miserable at work: A game that builds thriving remote teams.

Official Phaser 3 and React Template

26th February 2024

Seamlessly integrating React with Phaser for enhanced web-based game development.

Phaser 3.80 Released

22nd February 2024

A milestone stability-focused update infused with fresh features and community-driven improvements.

Phaser Editor 3.67 Released

22nd February 2024

This new version includes powerful new FX editing tools, improved numeric input handling and full support for Phaser v3.80.

Phaser and Vue 3 TypeScript Template

19th February 2024

Phaser Studio Unveils Official Phaser 3 + Vue 3 TypeScript Project Template

Mahjong at Home - Scandinavian Winter Edition

16th February 2024

Home is where the Tiles are - dive into a cozy puzzle adventure with daily surprises.

Official Phaser 3 and Vue 3 Template

15th February 2024

Phaser Studio Unveils Official Phaser 3 + Vue 3 Project Template

Phaser v3.80.0 Beta 2 Released

9th February 2024

The updates keep coming with more stability across the API and some cool new features.

Phaser + Webpack Template

6th February 2024

New Phaser + Webpack Template streamlines Game Development

Phaser + TypeScript + Rollup Template

5th February 2024

This sample project template combines Phaser, Parcel and TypeScript to get you started quickly

Phaser v3.80.0 Beta 1 Released

2nd February 2024

This release features new WebGL Renderer internals, Base64 Loader support, Spine updates and more.