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Haunted Tower

29th March 2024

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood, build a tower and zap it good!

Gamedev.js Jam 2024

29th March 2024

Enter a Phaser game in Gamedev.js Jam 2024 for a share of $1000 worth of prize money

Create Discord Games with Phaser

27th March 2024

A new tutorial and project template for creating games on Discord with Phaser

Official Phaser 3 and Next.js Template

27th March 2024

Create a game combining Phaser 3 and Next.js in this Project Template

Phaser 3 and Angular Template

20th March 2024

Bridging Worlds: Unleashing Creativity with the Phaser + Angular Template


18th March 2024

An Emerging Gaming Platform is now seeking the Creativity of Phaser Developers


15th March 2024

An infinite world of endless adventure

Phaser 3 and SolidJS Template

14th March 2024

Combine the power of Phaser 3 with the reactivity of SolidJS

Phaser Explorer is Released

12th March 2024

The all-in-one Phaser API Documentation and Examples browser is now available

Official Phaser 3 and Svelte Template

8th March 2024

Seamless Integration of Phaser 3 and Svelte for Enhanced Game Development

Match Bee

7th March 2024

Buzzing Through Blossoms: A Honey-Drenched Adventure in a Time-Ticking Floral Frenzy

Centarius Next-Gen Competitive Gaming

6th March 2024

Centarius is seeking Phaser games for their next-gen competitive gaming platform.

Phaser 3 and React TypeScript Template

4th March 2024

A Project Template that marries Phaser 3, React and TypeScript