This is a guest post from the team at Centarius. We present this to you, as Phaser developers, because we think you will find it of interest.


Centarius is our all-new web-based competitive and immersive browser gaming platform at Exiles Interactives. We've received incredible early traction and achieved product market fit, with 3000+ users in under 2 weeks, with a retention rate of 70%+. We have closed several developer partnerships with 12 high-quality games already on the platform and now, we’re looking to bring more developers on Centarius.

Immersive Social Gaming

Unlike traditional aggregators on the web, Centarius is a product-focused platform. We’re looking at onboarding unique, high-quality, and engaging games that have a core gameplay loop which keeps users coming back. We feature some incredible Phaser games at the moment, including Arsenal Online, Deadswitch 3, and Dinogen Online, and look forward to bringing more games from this framework on Centarius for our players to enjoy. Reach out to us using our contact page to find out more.

Competitive Gaming


To foster community and competition Centarius hosts contests for every game on a bi-weekly basis. By promoting each game through a contest, every game gets its moment in the spotlight, with rewards incentivizing players to compete and engage with the game, helping developers gain greater traction on their titles. Engagement rates of players of our current contest, featuring Arsenal Online, have been over 90%.

Quick Integration & Developer Support


Integrating with Centarius is extremely simple, and allows you as a developer to retain control of your game. Our API allows for quick and seamless integration with the Centarius backend, all while developers retain hosting control of their own game. In addition, Centarius connects developers to partner ad networks and monetization providers, and a dedicated team can help with strategy and integration assistance for the same. Our team places a strong emphasis on developer support and relations, and we’re always happy for a quick consult on new features, fixes, and a lot more.

Marketing & User Acquisition

Our team and experienced marketing partners will be marketing each game individually. Each game will get a bespoke and dedicated campaign, across paid ads, influencer marketing, and organic marketing. So far, our campaigns have received over 180,000 impressions, and have helped bring thousands of users to the games on our website, and we would love to do the same for your title.

We look forward to connecting with the incredible developer community on Phaser and bringing a new wave of unique and engaging titles to the Centarius platform. To submit your game, please reach out to

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