Phaser Studio is pleased to be an official sponsor of Gamedev.js Jam 2024. This yearly game jam, which focuses on games created for the web, runs from April 13th to April 26th 2024. The theme will be announced on April 13th, and as usual, there are some great prizes on offer.

We're running the Build it with Phaser Challenge. To participate in our challenge, you must create your game jam entry using any version of Phaser. The prize money is $1000 USD, which will be split between the top four games as judged by the Phaser Studio team.

The best part about Gamedev.js Jam is that you can enter one game into as many of the challenges as you like! For example, GitHub is running a challenge where all you need to do is make your game open-source and hosted on a public GitHub repository. You could win a year's worth of GitHub CoPilot and $600 worth of shop vouchers. Make your game in Phaser as well and you could enter it into both challenges at once. And there are more challenges available too.

The Gamedev.js Jam website has full details, including a list of the judges and sponsors. It also features entries from previous years.

We look forward to playing your submissions!

Visit Gamedev.js Jam 2024