Disclaimer: Pixels is a web3 game. We present it here because it's a fascinating and massively successful use of Phaser. At the time of writing, you can play it without needing a wallet or any tokens.


Ever dreamt of being a landowner and cultivating your own farm? Enter the world of Pixels, a captivating realm filled with animated pixel art characters and farms, now transitioning to the Ronin Blockchain. With a robust player base exceeding 1 million, Pixels offers a blend of multiplayer and single-player modes, where players can possess their plots of land and dress up their characters in various NFTs. Accessible directly via web browsers, creating an account is easy, using either an email address or wallet.

The backstory of Pixels revolves around Terra Villa, the central hub where characters can acquire and farm their lands. These lands are sources of valuable resources that players can leverage to craft and sell items.


Behind Pixels are co-founders from Gamehouse, known for their widely popular games, and developers who have cut their teeth at major firms like Ubisoft. This collaboration promises a gaming experience rich in depth and capable of delivering endless entertainment.

Upon starting, players find themselves with a small plot and an NPC named Barney who introduces the farming basics: planting popberry seeds, watering them, and using fertilizer to speed up their growth. After mastering these skills, players are whisked away to Terra Villa, meeting Ranger Dale at the PLOT office, the go-to place for all things land acquisition.


The introductory journey doesn't stop there. A visit to the general store equips players with essential items, followed by a series of quests. Beyond the introductory quests, players can meet Mayor Dave at the town hall for more tasks or delve into sharecropping on other players' lands, a mutually beneficial arrangement. This dynamic encourages players to acquire their own land, enabling resource generation even when offline.

At its core, Pixels revolves around resource collection—like wood and popberries—to create and sell items for $berry or $pixels. The rarity of a land plot influences the scarcity of resources it produces, pivotal for crafting sought-after items later in the game.


Pixels recently celebrated a staggering 82,000 concurrent users on the game. This is a testament to the power of both the Colyseus multiplayer system that enables it, and the skill of the Pixels devs. Think what you may about web3 gaming, this is a visually lovely and technically impressive game, which is why we've featured it here.

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