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Phaser.Plugin. PathManager

new PathManager(game, parent)

PathManager controls a list of Paths and a list of PathFollowers.
It is the central control for the majority of the Pathing API.

Name Type Description
game Phaser.Game

A reference to the current Phaser.Game instance.

parent Phaser.PluginManager

The Phaser Plugin Manager which looks after this plugin.

Source code: plugins/path/PathManagerPlugin.js (Line 17)

Public Methods


create a new Path from JSON data

JSON data format:
required: "coordinateSystem":, "smoothness":, "loops":, "speed":, "pointList":[ {"x":, "y":}, ... ]
optional: "branchFrom": { "path":, "point": }, "joinTo": { "path":, "point": }

Source code: plugins/path/PathManagerPlugin.js (Line 47)