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Tipsy Tower Matter Physics Tutorial

31st March 2020

The Tipsy Tower tutorial is updated to use Matter physics and multiple camera support in Phaser 3.

Hub Run

30th March 2020

Endless runner based on the University of Alberta building.


27th March 2020

A block editor specifically designed for drawing table top dungeon maps.

Haxe Phaser3 bindings updated

25th March 2020

The Haxe bindings for Phaser have been updated to Phaser 3.22.

Draw and Match Game Class

24th March 2020

A pure JavaScript class to handle Draw and Match games like Dungeon Raid, ready to communicate with Phaser 3.

Create Video Games with Phaser on CodeAcademy

20th March 2020

Using Phaser with CodeAcademy's step by step tutorial

Converting a Flash game to HTML5

18th March 2020

A comprehensive tutorial on using Phaser Editor to help convert a Flash game to Phaser 3.

Flappy Bird Prototype Update

17th March 2020

Emanuele updates his Flappy Bird prototype, including full source and a break down of how it runs.


16th March 2020

Learn to code and lead your intrepid crew on a mission to save The Cloud in TwilioQuest, a PC role-playing game inspired by classics of the 16-bit era.

Something Dungeons

13th March 2020

Slash your way through legions of undead in this atmospheric dungeon crawler.

Fast Typer 2

11th March 2020

How quickly can you type simple words when the pressure of accuracy and the clock are against you?!

Time / Energy / Mana Bar Tutorial

10th March 2020

Add a nice time bar / energy bar / mana bar / whatever bar to your games using Phaser 3 masks.

Scaling Games in Phaser 3

9th March 2020

William Clarkson has shared his solution and source code for scaling games in Phaser 3!

How to Use GitHub and ES6 Tutorial

6th March 2020

Video tutorial on creating and structuring your code with GitHub and ES6

Gems 'n Ropes

4th March 2020

Swing from rock to rock, collecting gems as you go in this hyper-casual one-button physics game.

Animated Sunburst Effect Tutorial

3rd March 2020

A tutorial about creating an animated sunburst effect for your games.

Mobile games with Ionic 4 and Phaser

2nd March 2020

A tutorial on how to create Mobile games & PWA with Ionic 4 and Phaser.