The Tipsy Tower tutorial is updated to use Matter physics and multiple camera support in Phaser 3.

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Emanuele Feronato takes his Tipsy Tower series and gives it a shot of Matter physics: "Tipsy Tower tutorial series has been quite successful, with the game built with Construct, Defold, Panda2, Unity, and Phaser + Box2D.

Time to update Phaser version to Phaser 3., which does not feature native support for Box2D so we will be moving to Matter.js and I have to say the more I play with Matter.js the less I miss Box2D.

The key feature in this prototype is the multiple camera. I have two cameras, one which remains fixed and one panning and zooming according to stack height.

Each camera renders only some sprites, so fixed camera renders the background and the score text which do not need to be zoomed, while the dynamic camera renders the crates and the ground."

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