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News - 2014

24th Apr.
French Flappy Bird Tutorial A comprehensive tutorial building Flappy Bird (French language).
23rd Apr.
A Simple Rogue like With the code on github to learn from and expand.
21st Apr.
Game Mechanic Explorer A fantastic interactive resource for learning Phaser game mechanics.
18th Apr.
17th Apr.
LessMilk's 13th Phaser Game Pixel War 2. Great shoot-em-up fun!
15th Apr.
Codevinskys Phaser 2 Tutorial Part 5 Scoring, Sound, Particles and Persistant Storage.
14th Apr.
Set Phasers to TypeScript! How to set-up Phaser, TypeScript and Brackets.
13th Apr.
A Game a Week Here's another indie developer trying to make 1 new Phaser game per week.
11th Apr.
Issue 4 of the Phaser Newsletter is out! Read what's happening in the world of Phaser.
11th Apr.
Phaser 2.0.3 is Released With core updates across pixi.js and physics and brand new Particle Emitter features.
9th Apr.
Getting Started with Phaser and WebStorm A nice guide on using WebStorm with Phaser.
9th Apr.
Codevinskys Phaser 2 Tutorial Part 4 Timers, Group recycling and Death.
8th Apr.
Codevinskys Phaser 2 Tutorial Part 3 Introduction to Player Movement.
8th Apr.
Codevinskys Phaser 2 Tutorial Part 2 Covering physics and prefabs.
8th Apr.
Codevinskys Phaser 2 Tutorial Part 1 A really comprehensive Getting Started guide.
7th Apr.
Yeoman Phaser generator A Yeoman generator for Phaser + TypeScript.
4th Apr.
2048 in Phaser A nice tutorial on building 2048. Use it to learn from.
2nd Apr.
Automated Haxe Phaser 2 Build Converts JSDoc annotated JavaScript files to Haxe externs.
1st Apr.
Scotty.js Project Toolkit Allows you to easily manage and create new Phaser projects.
28th Mar.
Phaser 2.0.2 is Released With updated docs, jshinted code and physics updates and features.
28th Mar.
A Phaser DocSet for Dash If you use Kapeli's Dash then here is a Phaser docset for you!
25th Mar.
Issue 3 of the Phaser Newsletter is out! Including physics tipcs, Jiun MOBA game and more.
24th Mar.
Phaser 2.0.1 is Released This new version is mostly a maintenance release, but still packs a few new features too.
20th Mar.
Introduction to Making HTML5 Games with Phaser at the Barcelona Future JS Conference
17th Mar.
Using Phaser with Meteor Nokdu has written this guide for anyone wanting to use Meteor
13th Mar.
Phaser 2.0 is released! Our biggest and fastest update ever. Upgrade and enjoy!
12th Mar.
Interested in a Phaser Book? Find out more and leave your details to be notified.
11th Mar.
Build Games with JavaScript and Phaser Session at the Scotland JS Conference
5th Mar.
Phaser IRC Channel Is now open on Freenode. Drop by and chat!
3rd Mar.
Phaser CocoonJS-Ouya Gamepad Plugin Adds support for Ouya gamepads in Phaser Cocoon apps.
2nd Mar.
HTML5 Multiplayer with Phaser and Go is a great new tutorial by Dawid Pogorzelski.
24th Feb.
Issue 2 of the Phaser Newslettr is out! Including lots of new details about Phaser 2.0.
24th Feb.
Phaser 1.1.6 Released The last of the 1.x family, making way for 2.0 this March.
20th Feb.
19th Feb.
Heavy Bird An open source Flappy Bird clone (yes, another one :).
17th Feb.
Flappy Bird Tutorial Phaser Javascript Game Tutorial Series – Flappy Bird – Getting Started.
12th Feb.
Phaser 1.1.5 Released Essential bug fixes, TypeScript updates and documentation fixes.
9th Feb.
gulpjs-phaser A nice package of Phaser, Gulp.js, livereload, Coffeescript and Sass.
6th Feb.
Nadion 0.2 Released: Nadion adds a bunch of powerful enhancements to Phaser and this version now works with 1.1.4.
5th Feb.
Phaser 1.1.4 Released: New physics, tilemaps, game objects, timers and more!
17th Jan.
PhaserHaxe: Use FlashDevelop to make Phaser Games with haXe.
15th Jan.
One new HTML5 game per week: All created in Phaser. 4 games made so far - we love Man vs. Penguins :)
13th Jan.
Phaser and Netbeans: Part 3 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE by Geertjan Wielenga.
5th Jan.
Phaser and Netbeans: Part 2 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE by Geertjan Wielenga.
4th Jan.
Phaser and Netbeans: Part 1 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE by Geertjan Wielenga.

News - 2013

30th Dec.
Organise your code: How to organize your JavaScript code in classes using Phaser.
22nd Dec.
How to Make Your First Roguelike: A great tutorial on making a roguelike game in Phaser.
21st Dec.
How to Learn Phaser: A detailed overview of how to learn Phaser from GameDevTuts+
20th Dec.
Phaser Games in Ludum Dare 28: Over 20 games made with Phaser were entered! Congratulations to everyone who took part.
11th Dec.
How to use Phaser with TypeScript: A new 2 part tutorial series, beginners and advanced levels.
7th Dec.
Making your first Phaser Game: Walk through this brand new Phaser tutorial.
2nd Dec.
Phaser Newsletter Issue 1: The first issue of our newsletter is out. Subscribe to get future editions!
29th Nov.
Phaser 1.1.3 Released: New WebGL shaders, BitmapData, JSHint, IE11 updates and new documentation.
24th Nov.
Phaser Breakout: A Phaser version of the city41 Breakout comparison test.
8th Nov.
Phaser Newsletter: Subscribe to be notified when new versions are out and a bi-monthly game making newsletter.
1st Nov.
Phaser 1.1.2 Released: Enhancements to Full Screen API support and a new Project Template added.
29th Oct.
Let's Learn Phaser: A new amateur series of YouTube teaching videos.
25th Oct.
Phaser 1.1 Released: Our biggest update ever! Full API Docs, 150+ Examples, Enhanced Physics and more.

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