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News - 2015

Read Issue 7 (December 2014) of the Phaser Newsletter and don't forget to subscribe!
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4th Mar.
River Raid A lovely remake of this classic for iOS
4th Mar.
Video and Slides From the Brisbane Game Tech Meetup
3rd Mar.
PhaserLE Brand new Phaser game editor coming soon
3rd Mar.
Phaser Coding Tips 8 Motion Paths Tutorial and Editor
3rd Mar.
How to make a toddlers game Little games for little people
2nd Mar.
Dad Codes Games Start your engines
1st Mar.
Battle Monster Video Turn-based battle engine
1st Mar.
Phaser Chains Extension for Brackets
1st Mar.
Character and NPC Dialogue in Phaser All RPGs need good dialogue ...
28th Feb.
Pepper Tech Robot Seen here playing Phaser games!
28th Feb.
Amphibian Wars III Hits App Store. Congratulations guys :)
27th Feb.
The basics of responsive HTML Games Scaling for resolutions
26th Feb.
Intel XDK Free tools to build and deploy Phaser games fast!
25th Feb.
Phaser Tiled Extras A plugin that adds in new features from Tiled
25th Feb.
The New Age of Browser Based Gaming Free webinar on March 11th
25th Feb.
Flawless Asteroids Ship Control Tutorial and Source package
24th Feb.
1 + 2 = 3 A game made in 100 lines of Phaser code
23rd Feb.
Phaser Modal Creator Create modal windows with ease
23rd Feb.
Pepper Robot A Phaser game playing robot!
23rd Feb.
generator-phaser-alternative An alternative Phaser generator for Yeoman
22nd Feb.
Phaser Coding Tips 7 Making shoot-em-up bullet patterns
20th Feb.
Run T-Rex Run! Game Progress blog post.
19th Feb.
Prince of Persia Being remade in Phaser by Ultrabolido
18th Feb.
Phaser 3 Development Log Houston we have 250k bunnies
16th Feb.
15th Feb.
14th Feb.
The Usual Suspects Game Blueprint 1 A charmingly illustrated jigsaw
13th Feb.
Phaser Coding Tips 6 Create a cowboy Shootout!
12th Feb.
Death and Killing Overriding Phaser's kill() Method
11th Feb.
Lostcast 110: Photon Storm 2 In which Geoff and Matt interview me
11th Feb.
Control a div sprite with Phaser and Typescript Bash the DOM with this little tutorial
10th Feb.
10th Feb.
quote-mmo-unquote Testing out phaser.js,, ivy, ant, tiled, and netty
9th Feb.
9th Feb.
Bitmap Fonts with CocoonJS A handy tutorial on getting them working
8th Feb.
Invaders Breakout Fun new game in the App Store
7th Feb.
Mobile-Efficient Camera Follow From The Botanist Game Blog
6th Feb.
Jewel Academy BoosterMedias top game now on Yahoo Japan
6th Feb.
Phaser Coding Tips 5 Move it like Pacman
3rd Feb.
Play with light and dark Using ray casting and visibility polygons
3rd Feb.
2nd Feb.
Curvatron Single-button Tron for up to 8 players!
1st Feb.
Phaser Chains A great new way to search the Phaser Documentation
1st Feb.
Sneaky Escape Promoting the new Shaun the Sheep Movie
30th Jan.
Phaser Coding Tips 4 This week we create Cloud Platforms
30th Jan.
Phaser 3 Development Log 2 Bunnies, instances and text
30th Jan.
29th Jan.
Understanding hexagonal tiles By Emanuele Feronato
28th Jan.
Digicat the Thief Steal the diamonds in this cute open-source game
27th Jan.
Discover Phaser A French multi-part series
26th Jan.
26th Jan.
25th Jan.
Making Games with Phaser From Philly Gameworks
23rd Jan.
Phaser Coding Tips 3 Create Ride-on and Slippery Platforms
21st Jan.
Create a scrolling level selection map As seen in games like "Hero Emblems"
21st Jan.
Entity Component System for Phaser - Part 2 The next part of the ECS adventure!
20th Jan.
19th Jan.
Phaser, Node and For multiplayer fun
16th Jan.
Phaser 3 Development Log Thousands of tiny troops!
16th Jan.
Phaser and TypeScript Video A complete game in an hour.
16th Jan.
Phaser Coding Tips 2 Part 2 of the Tanks game. Destroy terrain!
15th Jan.
Create an HTML5 game like “Drop Wizard” In this part: player movement
13th Jan.
Intro To Game Dev With PhaserJS At the Milwaukee JavaScript User Group
12th Jan.
Action RPG Pack Mana, attacks, magic and more.
10th Jan.
9th Jan.
Phaser Coding Tips 1 Part 1 of making a Tanks game.
6th Jan.
Phaser 2.2.2 is Released Loads of updates and fixes!
6th Jan.
3rd Jan.
Let's Make a Game With Phaser Video By Gabe Hollombe at JSConf.Asia
2nd Jan.
Sokoban Game Tutorial Part 2 Keyboard controls and unlimited undos

News - 2014

29th Dec.
Pocoyo Candy Hunter Another famous brand using Phaser for its game
28th Dec.
opal-phaser Allows you to write Phaser games entirely in Ruby
27th Dec.
26th Dec.
Impulsive Fun new game!
24th Dec.
Christmas Quest Beat all 100 levels!
22nd Dec.
21st Dec.
Texture Packer 3.6.0 Now exports directly to Phaser
19th Dec.
Visual Studio Phaser Game Template A great starter template
18th Dec.
17th Dec.
15th Dec.
Create a String Avoider Prototype An interesting game concept tutorial!
13th Dec.
Phaser + Cordova API Tutorial Super comprehensive!
12th Dec.
11th Dec.
8th Dec.
A Guide to the Phaser Tween Manager Book + Code Bundle is now out!
7th Dec.
Create a Level Selection Screen By Emanuele Feronato
5th Dec.
MightyEditor Update With a brand new keyframe animation tool
4th Dec.
3rd Dec.
Phaser 2.2 is Released! Read all about the new features and updates
3rd Dec.
3rd Dec.
Learning Phaser A Chinese course on learning Phaser
3rd Dec.
2nd Dec.
2nd Dec.
1st Dec.
bitplanets dev videos A very interesting looking new Phaser game!
29th Nov.
Building a Game With a 6-Year-Old Dad and son remake Blocky Roads
28th Nov.
Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript Physics using the P2 Physics Engine
21st Nov.
JS Conf The multiplayer game in the header is made with Phaser :)
20th Nov.
Procjam 2014 A Procedurally Generated Roguelike Using Phaser
20th Nov.
CocoonJS 2.1.1 is out and it includes loads of Phaser specific fixes!
19th Nov.
Combining Phaser and Three.js for 2.5D Games This time an overhead GTA style game!
18th Nov.
Building multiplayer games with Angular Huge tutorial, slides and video.
18th Nov.
Christmas Quest Emanuele starts another Phaser game.
17th Nov.
Mixing Phaser with Three.js In the next part of Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript
16th Nov.
The new Hobbit film game: Orc Attack Play as Legolas, Tauriel or Bard
15th Nov.
5 Part Spanish Phaser Tutorial On YouTube by skullkid
15th Nov.
14th Nov.
Build a Sokoban Game 80 Levels + Swipe Controls
12th Nov.
11th Nov.
Web Designer Issue 229 With a 4 page Phaser tutorial (Part 2 in issue 230)
10th Nov.
Phaser 2.2.0 - Release Candidate 5 Please help test the awesome new features!
10th Nov.
8th Nov.
5th Nov.
4th Nov.
Alien Run for the Moon! A lovely free Android game.
4th Nov.
GameBlox MIT using Phaser to power their GameBlox editor.
3rd Nov.
Phaser Boilerplate A large update to this powerful set-up tool.
31st Oct.
Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript Part 12: Tile Maps Part 2.
31st Oct.
Intel Android Tablet Gamejam A nice summary of this event
30th Oct.
Bristol (UK) Phaser CodeHub Course Taught by Jeff Schomay
29th Oct.
Making a character invincible Another Invrse tutorial
23rd Oct.
Phaser v2.1.3 + Pixi v2.0.0 Released Faster and better than ever!
23rd Oct.
Herramientas Software - Automatizar Phaser 23min Spanish YouTube tutorial.
23rd Oct.
22nd Oct.
Create a Survival Horror Game In 6 easy steps - in time for halloween!
22nd Oct.
Brand New Phaser API Docs Available as JSON files.
21st Oct.
Phaser Game Making Training Course A day long session in SF.
20th Oct.
Issue 260 of .net magazine Has a great 4 page Phaser tutorial.
18th Oct.
Phaser Cheat Sheet A great resource with lots of useful info.
17th Oct.
16th Oct.
Creating a game with MightyEditor A new video tutorial.
13th Oct.
11th Oct.
Hot New Games: Duck Up! - Gunflux - Shiny Gauntlet
10th Oct.
Invrse Phaser Review An interesting report by a first time Phaser dev
9th Oct.
Phaser 2.1.2 "Whitebridge" Released With loads of updates and fixes!
8th Oct.
Trappy Tomb Congrats for being front-paged by Newgrounds :)
6th Oct.
29th Sep.
Timberman Tutorial A huge and detailed tutorial from Soluka (French).
27th Sep.
Create a platformer for Tizen Build a phaser game with the Tizen SDK.
25th Sep.
23rd Sep.
Mighty Miner! Create a mining game using MightyEditor.
22th Sep.
Organising a Phaser project with RequireJS A good little set-up tutorial.
17th Sep.
DailyJS Pong Tutorial Create a Pong game in a few lines of code.
16th Sep.
Digger Tutorial A great tutorial on using MightyEditor.
15th Sep.
Phaser Debug An awesome debug / stats panel for Phaser games.
12th Sep.
Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript Sprite Sheets and Atlases.
11th Sep.
Phaser 2.1.1 is Released Emergency patch ahoy.
11th Sep.
Part 6 - Distribution The Gravity Quest tutorial series continues
9th Sep.
Phaser 2.1.0 is Released With hundreds of updates!
8th Sep.
5th Sep.
A Phaser Boilerplate Built with HTML5BP, SASS and Gulp.
4th Sep.
Port of Abbaye des morts to HTML5 Beautiful retro gaming fun!
4th Sep.
Phaser Touch Control A great new virtual joystick plugin
3rd Sep.
Phaser Plugins List Lots of interesting ways to extend Phaser
2nd Sep.
Visuals and Sound Part 4 in the Gravity Quest series
31st Aug.
Phaysercast v1.0 Creates Wolfenstein 3D style games within Phaser
29th Aug.
Phaser Slush generator ES6 modules, State manager and more
29th Aug.
Phaser Yeoman generator Using Gulp and Browserify
28th Aug.
Top-Down Games with Tiled Another fine GameDev Academy tutorial
27th Aug.
27th Aug.
CodeLiberation Lessons 6+7 The new slides + source are up
26th Aug.
Pixel Scaler Plugin Scale your game and keep crisp pixels!
26th Aug.
Phaser games in Ludum Dare 30 Over 40 and counting!
26th Aug.
Phaser Dart A Dart port of Phaser with examples
26th Aug.
Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript This whole series now has a dedicated section listing
23rd Aug.
EPSy Particle System A new particle system for Phaser with a nice looking editor!
21st Aug.
SpaceHipster - Space Exploration Game Tutorial A detailed Phaser tutorial from GameDev Academy
16th Aug.
Cat Bomb! This gbjam3 entry is now fully open source to learn from
15th Aug.
The Making Of Triskaidekaphobia For js13k (it means the fear of the number 13!)
14th Aug.
2 Great Frameworks to write HTML5 Games Avrora cover Quintus and Phaser
14th Aug.
Concatenate and Minify your Phaser Code Tutorial by Orbital Game Studios
14th Aug.
Ruby on Rails Phaser Dev A growing series of tutorials from
13th Aug.
Learn HTML5 Game Development Training the next generation of game devs in Africa
13th Aug.
FGL Phaser Plugin For easy access to the FGL SDK
12th Aug.
Flappy Bird Updated Popular Flappy Bird tutorial updated for Phaser 2
11th Aug.
Handling Mouse / Touch Input In the next installment of Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript
11th Aug.
Clean up on aisle Rufus A fun game by TheFlock for Warner Bros. Dolphin Tale 2 film
8th Aug.
Creating a Multiplayer Game With Phaser and Eureca.
7th Aug. Phaser Video Tutorials Learn how to build a complete game.
7th Aug.
Phaser Isometric Plugin Build isometric games easily!
7th Aug.
Vignette and Film Grain Filters Add a touch of noir to your Phaser games!
6th Aug.
Monster Wants Candy The popular tutorial rewritten for haxe-phaser.
6th Aug.
Paw Patrol for Nickelodean This popular kids TV show site has 6 brand new games all powered by Phaser.
4th Aug.
MightyEditor gets another update This time with live Phaser code editing support.
4th Aug.
The Creation of Gunner A really interesting and detailed development blog.
29th July.
LREditor Tutorial 2 This time we see how to set-up a new project.
27th July.
Game UI and UI Builder for Phaser Easily create windows, dialogs, buttons and more!
27th July.
HTML5.Assist is in Beta An interesting new way to build Phaser projects without a web server.
23rd July.
The Wizard is released! A fantastic 16-bit style rogue-like game.
21st July.
LREditor Video Tutorial Covers installation, an example and getting started.
21st July.
Getting Started with Phaser A comprehensive guide to building the "Monster wants Candy" game.
19th July.
17th July.
Can you beat all 20 levels in Zoi? You could win a $40 voucher if you can!
16th July.
LREditor - HTML5 Game Editor A new open source Phaser game editor from LadybugRiders.
15th July.
Making HTML5 Games with Phaser View these slides from the Indie Outpost meeting.
13th July.
Creating a Car with Phaser An interactive tutorial to P2 Physics and Springs.
13th July.
Setting up a Phaser Environment From Amazon Developer Network
10th July.
Phaser 2.0.6 is Released Containing the brand new Pixi 1.6 and loads more!
8th July.
Indie Outpost Meetup Come and listen to Michel Wacker discuss Phaser game making
7th July.
Phaser + Meteor Project Template For those who like to Meteorify their games
2nd July.
Browserify and Grunt powered Phaser Template Get your build process in gear!
1st July.
HTML5 Shoot 'em Up in an Afternoon A fantastic and free Phaser book!
1st July.
Phaser in the Develop 100 Tech List Our first ever entry and in 59th place.
30th June.
France HTML5 User Group Hear Alvin talk about Phaser in Paris, July 2nd.
27th June.
A mighty MightyEditor update! Loads of updates for this awesome Phaser game editor.
25th June.
Running Phaser on node.js An interesting discussion about running Phaser server side.
19th June.
7 Page Phaser Tutorial in issue 22 of Screen Guide magazine (German).
17th June.
15th June.
Orbital Game Studios Share their views on using Phaser.
14th June.
Ghosts 'n Goblins remake Only the first level, but superbly well done!
12th June.
Using Tilemaps in Phaser A nice little intro to tilemaps by Svejk Games.
11th June.
Jstanbul Meetup #002 Demircan Celebi talks about Phaser at the Istanbul JavaScript User Group tonight.
11th June.
Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript–Graphics Time! The next installment of the GameFromScratch series.
10th June.
HTML5 Mobile Game Development with Phaser A 2.5 hour complete video course.
6th June.
Phaser Workshop at HTML5 London Codeshow at Internet World - free but limited tickets.
3rd June.
Code Liberation's Web-based Storytelling Series A weekly event including Phaser coding.
30th May.
How to use Tweens in Phaser A nice overview of Phaser Tween support.
30th May.
Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript Where did my game loop go?
30th May.
Handle a Pause Screen Loopeex shows how to build a full pause screen into your game
29th May.
Arcade Font Writer Hundreds of classic video game fonts with a Phaser interface :)
28th May.
Flash to Phaser JSFL Script Build your game scenes in the Flash IDE and export to JS.
27th May.
Build Games with Phaser Video Gabe Hollombes presentation is now online to watch.
26th May.
Adventures in Phaser Read how GamesFromScratch tackle Phaser and TypeScript.
23rd May.
Phaser Game Development Book Read about this comprehensive guide to the Phaser API.
21st May.
Phaser Newsletter Issue 5 Read what's new in the Phaser community.
20th May.
Phaser 2.0.5 is Released Grab the latest build with lots of bug fixes, enhancements and new features.
19th May.
sixty shells - a zen game Find all 60 tortoises and they'll donate to charity
16th May.
A slush generator for Phaser If you use Slush, you'll want to use this :)
16th May.
Set Phasers to PHUN! (or making games with phaser.js) Attend this session at the Liverpool JavaScript Meetup (UK).
15th May.
Why HTML5? Our Self Reflection A great blog post from TempaLabs explaining the move to HTML5 game dev.
13th May.
Clap to Flap! Clap to control this Arduino, Phaser and XSockets powered Flappy Bird game.
10th May.
Tools and References A useful set of links for attendees of Code Liberations HTML5 Game Dev Workshop. Slides online here
9th May.
8th May.
Glide Platformer A fun little platformer game with full source available.
1st May.
Multi-platform games with Phaser A great tutorial covering Phaser app set-up by Eden Agency.
29th Apr.
Phaser 2.0.4 is Released Lots of timer related fixes and bitmap and color manipulation updates.
28th Apr.
Multi Screen Development in Phaser A nice tutorial and set of code for multi-screen support.
24th Apr.
French Flappy Bird Tutorial A comprehensive tutorial building Flappy Bird (French language).
23rd Apr.
A Simple Rogue like With the code on github to learn from and expand.
21st Apr.
Game Mechanic Explorer A fantastic interactive resource for learning Phaser game mechanics.
18th Apr.
17th Apr.
LessMilk's 13th Phaser Game Pixel War 2. Great shoot-em-up fun!
15th Apr.
Codevinskys Phaser 2 Tutorial Part 5 Scoring, Sound, Particles and Persistant Storage.
14th Apr.
Set Phasers to TypeScript! How to set-up Phaser, TypeScript and Brackets.
13th Apr.
A Game a Week Here's another indie developer trying to make 1 new Phaser game per week.
11th Apr.
Issue 4 of the Phaser Newsletter is out! Read what's happening in the world of Phaser.
11th Apr.
Phaser 2.0.3 is Released With core updates across pixi.js and physics and brand new Particle Emitter features.
9th Apr.
Getting Started with Phaser and WebStorm A nice guide on using WebStorm with Phaser.
9th Apr.
Codevinskys Phaser 2 Tutorial Part 4 Timers, Group recycling and Death.
8th Apr.
Codevinskys Phaser 2 Tutorial Part 3 Introduction to Player Movement.
8th Apr.
Codevinskys Phaser 2 Tutorial Part 2 Covering physics and prefabs.
8th Apr.
Codevinskys Phaser 2 Tutorial Part 1 A really comprehensive Getting Started guide.
7th Apr.
Yeoman Phaser generator A Yeoman generator for Phaser + TypeScript.
4th Apr.
2048 in Phaser A nice tutorial on building 2048. Use it to learn from.
2nd Apr.
Automated Haxe Phaser 2 Build Converts JSDoc annotated JavaScript files to Haxe externs.
1st Apr.
Scotty.js Project Toolkit Allows you to easily manage and create new Phaser projects.
28th Mar.
Phaser 2.0.2 is Released With updated docs, jshinted code and physics updates and features.
28th Mar.
A Phaser DocSet for Dash If you use Kapeli's Dash then here is a Phaser docset for you!
25th Mar.
Issue 3 of the Phaser Newsletter is out! Including physics tipcs, Jiun MOBA game and more.
24th Mar.
Phaser 2.0.1 is Released This new version is mostly a maintenance release, but still packs a few new features too.
20th Mar.
Introduction to Making HTML5 Games with Phaser at the Barcelona Future JS Conference
17th Mar.
Using Phaser with Meteor Nokdu has written this guide for anyone wanting to use Meteor
13th Mar.
Phaser 2.0 is released! Our biggest and fastest update ever. Upgrade and enjoy!
12th Mar.
Interested in a Phaser Book? Find out more and leave your details to be notified.
11th Mar.
Build Games with JavaScript and Phaser Session at the Scotland JS Conference
5th Mar.
Phaser IRC Channel Is now open on Freenode. Drop by and chat!
3rd Mar.
Phaser CocoonJS-Ouya Gamepad Plugin Adds support for Ouya gamepads in Phaser Cocoon apps.
2nd Mar.
HTML5 Multiplayer with Phaser and Go is a great new tutorial by Dawid Pogorzelski.
24th Feb.
Issue 2 of the Phaser Newslettr is out! Including lots of new details about Phaser 2.0.
24th Feb.
Phaser 1.1.6 Released The last of the 1.x family, making way for 2.0 this March.
20th Feb.
19th Feb.
Heavy Bird An open source Flappy Bird clone (yes, another one :).
17th Feb.
Flappy Bird Tutorial Phaser Javascript Game Tutorial Series – Flappy Bird – Getting Started.
12th Feb.
Phaser 1.1.5 Released Essential bug fixes, TypeScript updates and documentation fixes.
9th Feb.
gulpjs-phaser A nice package of Phaser, Gulp.js, livereload, Coffeescript and Sass.
6th Feb.
Nadion 0.2 Released: Nadion adds a bunch of powerful enhancements to Phaser and this version now works with 1.1.4.
5th Feb.
Phaser 1.1.4 Released: New physics, tilemaps, game objects, timers and more!
17th Jan.
PhaserHaxe: Use FlashDevelop to make Phaser Games with haXe.
15th Jan.
One new HTML5 game per week: All created in Phaser. 4 games made so far - we love Man vs. Penguins :)
13th Jan.
Phaser and Netbeans: Part 3 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE by Geertjan Wielenga.
5th Jan.
Phaser and Netbeans: Part 2 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE by Geertjan Wielenga.
4th Jan.
Phaser and Netbeans: Part 1 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE by Geertjan Wielenga.

News - 2013

30th Dec.
Organise your code: How to organize your JavaScript code in classes using Phaser.
22nd Dec.
How to Make Your First Roguelike: A great tutorial on making a roguelike game in Phaser.
21st Dec.
How to Learn Phaser: A detailed overview of how to learn Phaser from GameDevTuts+
20th Dec.
Phaser Games in Ludum Dare 28: Over 20 games made with Phaser were entered! Congratulations to everyone who took part.
11th Dec.
How to use Phaser with TypeScript: A new 2 part tutorial series, beginners and advanced levels.
7th Dec.
Making your first Phaser Game: Walk through this brand new Phaser tutorial.
2nd Dec.
Phaser Newsletter Issue 1: The first issue of our newsletter is out. Subscribe to get future editions!
29th Nov.
Phaser 1.1.3 Released: New WebGL shaders, BitmapData, JSHint, IE11 updates and new documentation.
24th Nov.
Phaser Breakout: A Phaser version of the city41 Breakout comparison test.
8th Nov.
Phaser Newsletter: Subscribe to be notified when new versions are out and a bi-monthly game making newsletter.
1st Nov.
Phaser 1.1.2 Released: Enhancements to Full Screen API support and a new Project Template added.
29th Oct.
Let's Learn Phaser: A new amateur series of YouTube teaching videos.
25th Oct.
Phaser 1.1 Released: Our biggest update ever! Full API Docs, 150+ Examples, Enhanced Physics and more.