Phaser 3.24.1 "Rem" is the current stable version and was released on 14th July 2020.
The previous version of Phaser was 3.24.0.


Download this version from npm. Need a beginners guide to npm? Read this tutorial.

npm install phaser@3.24.1


Phaser is on the jsDelivr CDN. Include one of the following in your html:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

Looking for Phaser 2 / CE?

The latest CE release is 2.16.0 released on 1st June 2020.

Which file should I download?

Familiar with git? Use the "clone" link to get the whole repo. The "js" and "min.js" links download pre-built versions of Phaser with all modules enabled. The zip and tar links download an archive of the repository. If you're just doing a quick test then it's safe to grab the js files, however it's always worth having the source code to hand for reference.

What's New in 3.24.1?

Version 3.24.1 - Rem - 14th July 2020

  • Reverted the PR that added the parent transform to a Static Tilemap Layer as it broke tilemap rendering when the camera was zoomed (thanks @kainage)
  • Fixed an error with the use of the Vector2Like type in the Math.RotateTo function that caused a TypeScript error on compilation

Version 3.24 - Rem - 13th July 2020

Arcade Physics New Features, Updates and Fixes

  • When colliding physics groups with the search tree enabled, there was an unnecessary intersection test for each body returned by the search (thanks @samme)
  • When doing an overlap collision, there was an unnecessary intersection test for each pair of overlapping bodies (thanks @samme)
  • Sprite vs. Static Group collision tests now always use the static tree (thanks @samme)
  • Fixed a bug where if you added a static body to a sprite with scale ≠ 1, the body position was incorrect (thanks @samme)
  • If you passed in an array of children when creating a Physics Group, they didn't receive bodies. Fix #5152 (thanks @samme)
  • New types allow for better docs / TypeScript defs especially in the Factory functions: ArcadePhysicsCallback, GameObjectWithBody, GameObjectWithDynamicBody, GameObjectWithStaticBody, ImageWithDynamicBody, ImageWithStaticBody, SpriteWithDynamicBody and SpriteWithStaticBody. Fix #4994 (thanks @samme @gnesher)
  • Body.updateFromGameObject is a new method that extracts the relevant code from preUpdate, allowing you to read the body's new position and center immediately, before the next physics step. It also lets refreshBody work for dynamic bodies, where previously it would error (thanks @samme)
  • Momentum exchange wasn't working correctly vs. immovable bodies. The movable body tended to stop. Fix #4770 (thanks @samme)
  • The Body mass was decreasing the inertia instead of increasing it. Fix #4770 (thanks @samme)
  • The separation vector seemed to be incorrect, causing the slip / slide collisions. The separation is now correct for circle–circle collisions (although not fully for circle–rectangle collisions), part fix #4770 (thanks @samme)
  • The Arcade Body delta was incorrectly calculated on bodies created during the update step, causing the position to be off. Fix #5204 (thanks @zackexplosion @samme)
  • Arcade.Components.Size.setBodySize is a new method available on Arcade Physics Game Objects that allows you to set the body size. This replaces setSize which is now deprecated. Fix #4786 (thanks @wingyplus)

New Features

  • The Animation component has a new property nextAnimsQueue which allows you to sequence Sprite animations to play in order, i.e:'digging').anims.chain('lifting').anims.chain('looking').anims.chain('lowering'); (thanks @tgroborsch)
  • Group.setActive is a new method that will set the active state of a Group, just like it does on other Game Objects (thanks @samme)
  • Group.setName is a new method that will set the name property of a Group, just like it does on other Game Objects (thanks @samme)
  • TWEEN_STOP is a new event dispatched by a Tween when it stops playback (thanks @samme @RollinSafary)
  • You can now specify an onStop callback when creating a Tween as part of the tween config, which is invoked when a Tween stops playback (thanks @samme @RollinSafary)
  • Previously, if you created a timeline and passed no tweens in the config, the timeline would be created but all config properties were ignored. Now the timeline's own properties (completeDelay, loop, loopDelay, useFrames, onStart, onUpdate, onLoop, onYoyo, onComplete, etc.) are set from the config properly (thanks @samme)
  • TextStyle.wordWrapWidth lets you set the maximum width of a line of text (thanks @mikewesthad)
  • TextStyle.wordWrapCallback is a custom function that will is responsible for wrapping the text (thanks @mikewesthad)
  • TextStyle.wordWrapCallbackScope is the scope that will be applied when the wordWrapCallback is invoked (thanks @mikewesthad)
  • TextStyle.wordWrapUseAdvanced controls whether or not to use the advanced wrapping algorithm (thanks @mikewesthad)
  • KeyboardPlugin.removeAllKeys is a new method that allows you to automatically remove all Key instances that the plugin has created, making house-keeping a little easier (thanks @samme)
  • Math.RotateTo is a new function that will position a point at the given angle and distance (thanks @samme)
  • Display.Bounds.GetBounds is a new function that will return the un-transformed bounds of the given Game Object as a Rectangle (thanks @samme)


  • The Pointer.dragStartX/YGlobal and Pointer.dragX/Y values are now populated from the worldX/Y, which means using those values directly in Input Drag callbacks will now work when the Camera is zoomed. Fix #4755 (thanks @braindx)
  • The browser field has been added to the Phaser package.json pointing to the dist/phaser.js umd build (thanks @FredKSchott)
  • Calling TimeStep.wake() while the loop is running will now cause nothing to happen, rather than sleeping and then waking again (thanks @samme)
  • Container.getBounds will no longer set the temp rect bounds to the first child of the Container by default (which would error if the child had no bounds, like a Graphics object) and instead sets it as it iterates the children (thanks @blopa)
  • File.state will now be set to the FILE_LOADING state while loading and FILE_LOADED after loading (thanks @samme)
  • BaseCamera.cull now moves some of its calculations outside of the cull loop to speed it up (thanks @samme)
  • SceneManager.createSceneFromInstance had a small refactor to avoid a pointless condition (thanks @samme)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a TypeError warning when importing JSON objects directly to the url argument of any of the Loader filetypes. Fix #5189 (thanks @awweather @samme)
  • The NOOP function was incorrectly imported by the Mouse and Keyboard Manager. Fix #5170 (thanks @samme @gregolai)
  • When Audio files failed to decode on loading, they would always show 'undefined' as the key in the error log, now they show the actual key (thanks @samme)
  • When the Sprite Sheet parser results in zero frames, the warning will now tell you the texture name that caused it (thanks @samme)
  • KeyboardPlugin.checkDown didn't set the duration to zero if the parameter was omitted, causing it to always return false. Fix #5146 (thanks @lozzajp)
  • If you passed in an array of children when creating a Group, they were not added and removed correctly. Fix #5151 (thanks @samme)
  • When using HTML5 Audio with pauseOnBlur (the default), if you play a sound, schedule stopping the sound (e.g., timer, tween complete callback), leave the page, and return to the page, the sound stop() will error (thanks @samme)
  • Using a Render Texture when you're also using the headless renderer would cause an error (thanks @samme)
  • Ellipse.setWidth would incorrectly set the xRadius to the diameter (thanks @rexrainbow)
  • Ellipse.setHeight would incorrectly set the yRadius to the diameter (thanks @rexrainbow)
  • When specifically setting the parent property in the Game Config to null the canvas was appended to the document body, when it should have been ignored (allowing you to add it to the dom directly). Fix #5191 (thanks @MerganThePirate)
  • Containers will now apply nested masks correctly when using the Canvas Renderer specifically (thanks @scott20145)
  • Calling Scale.startFullScreen would fail in Safari on Mac OS, throwing a fullscreenfailed error. It now triggers fullscreen mode correctly, as on other browsers. Fix #5143 (thanks @samme @novaknole)
  • Calling setCrop on a Matter Physics Sprite would throw a TypeError, but will now crop correctly. Not that it only crops the texture, the body is unaffected. Fix #5211 (thanks @MatthewRorke @samme)
  • The Static Tilemap Layer would ignore the layer rotation and parent transform when using WebGL (but worked in Canvas). Both modes now work in the same manner (thanks @cruzdanilo)
  • Calling getTextBounds on a BitmapText object would return the incorrect values if the origin had been changed, but the text itself had not, as it was using out of date dimensions. Changing the origin now automatically triggers BitmapText to be dirty, forcing the bounds to be refreshed. Fix #5121 (thanks @thenonamezz)
  • The ISO Triangle shape would skip rendering the left side of the first triangle in the batch. It now renders all ISO Triangles correctly. Fix #5164 (thanks @mattjennings)

Examples, Documentation and TypeScript

My thanks to the following for helping with the Phaser 3 Examples, Docs and TypeScript definitions, either by reporting errors, fixing them or helping author the docs:

@samme @SanderVanhove @SirJosh3917 @mooreInteractive @A-312 @lozzajp @mikewesthad @j-waters @futuremarc