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Paw Patrol for Nickelodean

6th August 2014

This popular kids TV show site has 6 brand new games powered by Phaser

RUBE Box2d Loader Demo for Phaser!

19th July 2014

Also check out the Basic demo too.

France HTML5 User Group

30th June 2014

HTML5 16th meetup at the School 42

Ghosts'n Goblins made with Phaser

14th June 2014

Only the first level, but superbly well done!

Sixty Shells: a #zen game

19th May 2014

Find tortoises online to save them in real life!

Glide platformer

8th May 2014

A fun little platformer game with full source available

A Simple Rogue like game

23rd April 2014

With the code on github to learn from and expand

LessMilk's 13th Phaser Game

17th April 2014

Pixel War 2. Great shoot-em-up fun!

Heavy Bird

19th February 2014

Don't touch my Birdie


24th November 2013

A Phaser version of the city41 Breakout comparison test.