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29th April 2019

You know the drill - move left and right and waste those aliens! It's a retro remake of the classic.

Destructible Terrain Code

26th April 2019

A helper library for creating destructible 2D terrain complete with collision checks and examples.

How to Build a Simple Game in TypeScript

25th April 2019

Start with setting up a dev environment and moving to coding a game in TypeScript in this beginners tutorial.

Block It Tutorial

24th April 2019

Build a game like Block It in less than 100 lines of code in this new tutorial.

Jewel Bubbles 3

24th April 2019

Break all the blocks, create huge explosions, combine chains for bonuses and bring the marbles down in this match 3 game.

2D Skeletal Animation Tutorial

23rd April 2019

A new tutorial on creating 2D skeletal animations using Creature and Phaser 3.

Bubble Shooter World Cup

23rd April 2019

It's a bubble shooter, but with World Cup themed footballs instead of bubbles!

Chopstick Cooking

22nd April 2019

Catch the food as it flies past with your chopsticks and then assemble it into the burgers the customers want!

Match 3 Tutorial Part 2

22nd April 2019

In the next part of this series a new class is created that can generically handle any match 3 grid system.

Jewels Blitz 3

19th April 2019

A massively polished match 3 game set deep in Mayan lore. With hundreds of levels, boosts, puzzles and more to be unlocked it'll keep you playing for days.

Phaser 3 UI Components

19th April 2019

Scripts and classes that allow you to build your game UI using Adobe Animate and export directly.

Match 3 Tutorial Part 1

18th April 2019

Emanuele Feronato starts a new tutorial series on creating a Match 3 game using ES6.

Go Chicken Go!

18th April 2019

The last obstacle between 25 chickens and their freedom is a highway and a river. What could possibly go wrong?

Dungeon Dash

17th April 2019

An open source dungeon crawler using Phaser 3, TypeScript and public domain assets.

Rocketate Next

17th April 2019

Use your jetpack, avoid electric cables and shift the boxes around as you rotate the maze to try to get to the exit in this 60 level tricky puzzler.

Endless Runner Tutorial Part 3

16th April 2019

In part three of the series textures and coins are included in the game.

New Tutorial Translations Available

16th April 2019

The 'Making your First Phaser 3 Game' Tutorial is now available in 8 new languages including Chinese, Spanish and Polish.

Jelly Bomb

16th April 2019

Can you clear the table of jelly by setting off chain reactions of exploding jelly bears?!

Snake 99

15th April 2019

A local multiplayer version of Snake with Domination and Deathmatch modes, inspired by Tetris 99.

Endless Runner Tutorial Part 2

15th April 2019

In the second part of the series player animation and customizations are added.

Phaser Backer Examples April 2019

5th April 2019

The April Phaser Backer Examples are now available including the new Phaser 3D class and no less than 34 examples.

CATS: Instant Fights

5th April 2019

The hit mobile Crash Arena Turbo Stars game comes to Facebook Instant Games. Build the best fighting machine and become the star of the arena!

Facebook Instant Games In App Tutorial

4th April 2019

A brand new tutorial covering setting-up in app purchases in Facebook Instant Games.

Amazing Bubble Breaker

4th April 2019

Classic, fun and entertaining bubble blasting gameplay with lots of variations and game modes on offer.

Codecademy Phaser Course

3rd April 2019

Codecademy have just launched their first two Phaser courses covering the creation of several games spread over 4 hours worth of content.