Hot on the heels of Phaser 3.22 comes this brand new release of Phaser CE. Version 2.14 contains the following:

API Changes

  • Looped audio tag sounds no longer dispatch onPlay when looping, only onLoop.
  • Looped Web Audio sound markers no longer dispatch onPlay when looping, only onLoop.

New Features

  • You can pass powerPreference in your game config to set the powerPreference WebGL context attribute when creating the game. Possible values are default, high-performance, and low-power (#652).


  • Rope.refresh no longer has a pointless duplicated modulus check in the for-loop and iterates from zero, allowing the removal of several direct array assignments.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed glitching sound playing when using looping audio-sprites with audio-tag (#653).
  • A sprite's tintedTexture canvas is now returned to the Canvas Pool when the sprite is destroyed (#651).

Download Phaser CE 2.14.0 from the GitHub releases page, or pull it in via the npm package. There are also the pre-built files available on the jsDeliver CDN.

You can also follow Phaser on Twitter and chat with fellow Phaser devs in our Discord and Slack channels.