The first Newgrounds Phaser Game Jam is now live! For this jam, all you need to do is make a game with Phaser, share it on Newgrounds by end of day February 16th and tag it with "PhaserJam2020" so we don't miss it.

Our three favorite games will each receive $100 as a thank you for participating in the jam!

Bonus Opportunity:

Thursday, January 23rd is Pixel Day on Newgrounds and the best game wins $100. If you crank out a game with pixel art in the next week, you can release it on Pixel Day and be eligible for the Best Pixel Day Game prizes while still being eligible for a Phaser Jam prize!

If you’ve already made a pixel art game (with Phaser or ANY framework) that wouldn’t be part of this jam, you can still upload it on Pixel Day and be eligible for the Best Pixel Day Game prize. You’ll also make Pixel Day more fun for everyone here.

To participate in Pixel Day, upload your game on January 23rd with the “PixelDay2020” tag.

Newgrounds API for Medals and Scores

If you’d like to try our API for high scores and/or medals, you can find it at Any questions about that can be answered in the Newgrounds API Help & Support thread.

Jam Logo

@JohnnyUtah has made a logo for this jam! You’re welcome to pop this at the start of your game, resize it or leave it out if it kills your vibe. If you’re down to make it clickable, link to the Phaser Jam 2020 page on Newgrounds. Doing this will help everyone in the jam get more eyes on their games!

Logo downloads: Full size, half size 24-bit, half size 8-bit and a wacky retro version.

We look forward to playing your games! If you’ve never made a game with Phaser, this is a great opportunity to take it for a spin. There are various learning resources on the Phaser site to help you get started. If you have any questions, you can ask in this Newgrounds thread.

You’re also welcome to share links to your game or ongoing progress in the thread! The Newgrounds project system allows you to set permissions for who can see your preview build, if you’d like to make it public and link to it here. You can also discuss your game and get help via the Game-Jam channel in the Phaser Discord!

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