Game Off is back! This is the 6th annual game jam organised by GitHub, celebrating open source.

You have the month of November to build a game. As always, you're encouraged to use open source game engines, libraries, and tools in your game, but you're free to use any technology you want. It's a perfect excuse to experiment with something new too.

Full details can be found on the Game Off jam page.

You can use anything you like to build your game, but if you'd like to use Phaser and are wondering how to get started then the following resources should help:


Making Your First Phaser Game An easy-to-follow tutorial that leads you gently through the process of making your first game, step-by-step. Code and assets are available for download too.

Community Tutorials There are literally thousands of Phaser tutorials that have been written. Which is both a blessing and a bit of challenge for newcomers. The Community Tutorials page lists them all by date and you can scroll through and page back over years worth of content. You'll find all kinds of goodies - from complete multiplayer tutorials, to plugins to help create nice particle effects. It's a huge treasure trove, so get digging!


Need to chat to someone to get some help? Then why not join the Phaser Forum, Slack or Discord channels? You can find all about them on our Community pages and you'll often find someone to help. If you're after help with code then try and be specific with your questions. It's always easier for us to help when someone asks something clearly. Or if you just want some others to playtest your game then you can do that too!

Have fun with the game jam. If you enter please don't forget to send us a link to your entry, as we'd love to feature them here on the website and in our newsletter.

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