A new release of Phaser 3 is out. This includes renderer updates, physics body fixes and lots of small tweaks.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 16th Feb 2018.   @phaser_


Today we released Phaser 3.1.0. This is a minor version release because some of the API changed.

  • Vertex resource handling code updated, further optimizing the WebGL batching. You should now see less gl ops per frame across all batches.
  • The Blitter game object has been updated to use the List structure instead of DisplayList.
  • Arcade Physics World disableBody has been renamed disableGameObjectBody to more accurately reflect what it does.
  • Lots of un-used properties were removed from the Arcade Physics Static Body object.
  • Arcade Physics Static Body can now refresh itself from its parent via refreshBody.

Plus lots more!

Grab the latest build from GitHub, npm or CDN and as usual see the full Change Log for details.