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Shinobot by dezhango was entered into the GameDev.js Jam 2024 in the Build it with Phaser category, where the Phaser team ranked it in 9th place.

Here is what the Phaser Studio team thought of it:

"I really enjoyed my time playing this - the controls were slick, the attacks satisfying and hitting Turbo mode was great fun! I feel like it was crying out for joypad support, because I would so often dash when I meant to throw a projectile :) Maybe having Up to jump instead of Space would have made the controls feel a little less crowded? Regardless, though, this was polished and fun to play. I did feel a little guilty for killing those creatures though, they looked kinda cute and harmless!"


"Shinobot is amazingly polished platformer survivor-like game where you get upgrades each level to choose. Although having core loop fully with a goal would take it another level!"

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