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Mech Motion by Golen was entered into the GameDev.js Jam 2024 in the Build it with Phaser category, where the Phaser team ranked it in second place. It also came second overall in the whole contest.

Here is what the Phaser Studio team thought of it:

"Oh this is just beautiful! The little robot is super-cute (reminds me of Wall-e) and the gameplay is simple while being a real challenge. Presentation is slick as can be, too. The only thing I didn't appreciate at first was that you get more cards - I thought I had to collect all the power with just my opening cards, which I knew was impossible :) But once I realised that you get more cards (and rules) and just have to ensure the battery doesn't drain down, then I was consumed by this for far too long. Great stuff!"

"Mech Motion is amazing game with pleasent graphics, sounds and greatly polished butter smooth mechanics that you choose cards in order to move or rotate robot to gather power before the battery ends! Amazing way to collide our neurons for problem-solving! I'd love to see more content from this game!"

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