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Ionclad by BethFromAbove was entered into the GameDev.js Jam 2024 in the Build it with Phaser category, where the Phaser team ranked it in fourth place. It also came 9th place overall in the whole contest.

Here is what the Phaser Studio team thought of it:

"​Really nice game! I loved the plasma effects, the waves of aliens, the smart bombs and the super-loud thumping music :) I do feel like there just weren't enough friendly ships to help restore your power, so it ended really quite fast, no matter how carefully I tried to manage my shots. Which is a shame, because I wanted to play more and more :)"


"Ionclad is a really captivating game which you protect your core from the restless wave of enemy ships coming upon you. You have the energy power which is circular yet when you aim and click, you can channel it onto one way, which is visually really pleasant to see. Music is taking to the deeper, having variety of different attack styles would definitely something I'd look for!"


"Ionclad is an addictive game of protecting your ship in space. You have a plasma cannon that will help you destroy your enemies, so take advantage of the reload to destroy many enemies at once. This game has good music, good mechanics, and good art."

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