From the official press release:

"The far-out Space54 update adds 2 characters including someone called Space Dude, 4 weapons including the musical Phas3r gun, 1 stage, 1 relic and 7 achievements all themed around – what else? – the Phaser framework, AKA the original engine of Vampire Survivors! The update is out today on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobile."

"Launching today for free, the Space54 update takes players on a tour through the delights and dangers of the cosmos! The update is a tribute to the Phaser framework, which was the original engine of Vampire Survivors."


This was so great to see! Vampire Survivors is a fantastic game and it's really cool to see Phaser being celebrated in this way. The new characters and weapons look amazing and I can't wait to fire it up on my Steam Deck and dive in :) Thank you Luca, and the team at Poncle for making such a great game and for giving Phaser a shout out in this way.

About Phaser

Originally launched in 2013, Phaser is a free software for developing HTML5 games on desktop and mobile, and was the original engine of Vampire Survivors until the 1.6 update. The characters and setting of Space54 are a tribute to Phaser’s adorable retro sci-fi mascots. Pew pew!


“On this note, big thanks to Phaser!” says Luca Galante, founder of poncle. “I had a lot of fun building Vampire Survivors with Phaser and can highly recommend it if you are interested in making wild games pretty fast!”

About Vampire Survivors

Mow down thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn! Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your choices can allow you to quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters thrown at you.


The genre-defining “be the bullet hell” action game is a multi-million seller, was the highest-rated Steam game of 2022 (over 200,000 reviews, 98% overwhelmingly positive), is one the most played games on Steam Deck, won 2 Baftas (including “Best Game”) and was featured on the New Yorker’s “Best Video Games 2022” list. Vampire Survivors is currently available on PC, Mac, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS and does not feature any vampires.

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