The release of Phaser 3.80, affectionately dubbed "Nino," represents a significant leap forward in our quest to provide an even more powerful and versatile web game development framework. This update showcases our commitment to innovation, bolstered by the insightful feedback and contributions from our dedicated community and the tireless efforts of our development team.

Phaser 3.80 brings an array of new capabilities and improvements that enrich the developer experience. Among the highlights:

  • WebGL Context Loss Handling: A robust solution to keep your games running smoothly, even in the face of WebGL context losses, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. This feature was originally sponsored by the wonderful team at Gather - check out their great virtual office app to see an innovative use of Phaser in action!

  • Compressed Texture Improvements: Added support for BPTC and RGTC file formats, sRGB color spaces and lots of updates around Mipmaps levels.

  • Base64 Loader Integration: Allows for the loading of base64 encoded assets, facilitating smoother development processes for environments requiring embedded assets, like Playable Ads.

  • Scale Manager Snap Mode: A new feature allowing developers to set a 'snapping' value for game dimensions, ideal for pixel-art games and those requiring precise scaling control.

  • Tilemap Enhancements: Fixes and updates for tile collision and rendering, enhanced Tile to Sprite creation properties and more control over tile-based game elements.


With this release, we've implemented over 100 updates and bug fixes, addressing community-reported issues and optimizing Phaser's performance and stability. These changes reflect our ongoing dedication to enhancing the framework's capabilities, ensuring developers have the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life.

As well as releasing Phaser v3.80, we also updated Phaser Editor 2D to fully support it. This version adds a new way to visually edit Phaser FX along with improvements to the numeric properties fields. Plus, all of the new Project Templates, API Documentation site and Examples have been updated to use the latest version of Phaser, too!

At the same time as this release we also hit the 36,000 stars milestone on GitHub, are used by over 32,000 developers and have over 550 contributors! These figures are a testament to the growing community of developers who have embraced Phaser as their go-to framework for web game development. We're grateful for the support and feedback we've received, and we're committed to continuing to evolve Phaser to meet the needs of our community.

We're excited for you to dive into Phaser 3.80 "Nino" and explore the new features and improvements. As always, we look forward to your feedback and contributions as we continue to evolve Phaser together. To make sure you read our weekly Developer Logs, please subscribe to our free newsletter:

Note: For the complete list of updates, enhancements, and bug fixes, please refer to the official Phaser 3.80 "Nino" Change Log.

Download v3.80