The updates keep coming with more stability across the API and some cool new features.

Posted on 9th Feb 2024. Follow @phaser_ and get the Phaser World newsletter.


After another week of intense development from the team, we're pleased to announce that Phaser 3.80 Beta 2 is now available. This beta continues our work in stabilizing the WebGL Renderer by reworking lots of internal systems so they are capable of handling and restoring from WebGL context loss without a hitch. This is a huge step forward for Phaser and will make it much more robust, especially on mobile devices where tabbing out to other apps, and losing context as a result, is very common.

We've also been ploughing through the issues reported on GitHub and have closed a large number of them, including some really tricky beasts. There are updates across the board, new features, stability enhancements and of course fixes. Please test this release thoroughly and report any issues you find. We are aiming to release 3.80 Final on February 20th.

v3.80 Beta 2 is available now from GitHub and npm under the beta tag. As usual, please check our detailed Change Log.

Download v3.80.0 Beta 2