The official Phaser + Importmap Template, a new tool for web and game developers, is now available. This template provides a quick way to use Phaser 3, a popular HTML5 game framework, with the new browser Importmap feature, for a bundle-less development experience.

Updated to work with Phaser 3.70.0, the template simplifies the development process requiring no build-step or bundler to be installed. This allows developers to see changes instantly as they work.

Getting started is straightforward, with no installation required. However, if you have Node.js installed, developers can take advantage of commands we included, like npm run dev to launch a development server. The server runs locally, providing a simple and efficient development environment.

For game developers looking for a more efficient way to work, the Phaser + Importmap Template offers a practical solution. It's a useful tool for both experienced developers and those new to game development, making the process more manageable and less time-consuming.

This is one of the first official Phaser templates and more will be provided in the coming weeks, covering a wide range of popular bundlers and frameworks.

Download the Template