Rosebud AI is excited to have welcomed over a hundred Phaser developers into their community! Here are some of their latest updates:

New Features

  • Cloning: Inspired by a game? Clone it with just a click! This feature allows you to use existing games as a starting point for your own creations. We are also working on making the clone history visible to everyone, ensuring that original creators are acknowledged and celebrated for their work.
  • Trending Projects: Discover games handpicked by our team on, showcasing creativity and different genres of games built on our platform. In the future the trending list is going to be ranked by user likes.
  • Community Enhancements:
    • New Discord Roles: Recognizing community contributions with roles.
    • Game Showcase Channel: A space on Discord for developers to share and discuss their games.
    • Feedback Board: Submit and vote on ideas to influence Rosebud AI's development:
  • Other Notable Updates and Bug FIxes:
    • Now you can switch tabs while waiting for code to generate.
    • Added a regenerate button to code responses.
    • Users can now upload and use their own assets in projects.

New Game Templates – AI Characters & NPCs

Our latest game templates revolve around AI Characters & NPCs. These templates allow game devs to create dynamic, interactive characters and integrate them into their games to bring a new level of depth and engagement to their games. Imagine characters that can converse, react, and contribute to your game's narrative in real time!

Here are games that are built on 2D playground that runs Phaser, remember that you can clone and mod any of these games:

Chat and play chess with AI Character Jayna


Chat and care for your AI Pet:


Chat with Deku from My Hero Academy:


Red and the Ring:


Tap Tap Basketball:


Check out more trending projects on, all 2D games are run on Phaser.

Rosebud Game Hackathons

Join us for our bi-weekly hackathons, held every other Wednesday at 11:30 PST. These events are an excellent opportunity for you to see the potential of Rosebud AI in action. Not only do we demonstrate and experiment with our latest features, but we also showcase projects from our talented community members. It's a great learning experience and a chance to get firsthand experience with our platform.

Don't miss our upcoming hackathons on the 27th of December, 10th of January, and 24th of January. To catch up on past Rosebud Game Hackathons, visit our YouTube channel: Rosebud AI on YouTube.

Special Update for Phaser Devs

We're offering Phaser developers immediate access to Rosebud AI.

Skip the 75k-long waitlist and get started right away by signing up using this form:

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