Moddio has an exciting new game editor available for Phaser developers: Moddio is a browser-based game editor with multiplayer functionality. The platform is also made for real-time collaborative editing, allowing multiple developers to work on a game simultaneously. This makes the game development process faster, more social, and fun.

Real-Time Collaborative Editing

Moddio’s collaborative editing feature streamlines game development, as you and other developers can work on a game together. Any updates are published live, so all developers can see the changes. This also means that players also participate in the building process and can give their feedback as your game evolves. By building concurrently, you can build and iterate on your game faster.


This shows two developers working on a game, one on the left and one on the right. Changes show up in real-time.

Comprehensive Multiplayer Features

The engine comes equipped with a full suite of multiplayer features, all provided for free. Some notable features include:

Server Orchestration

Moddio provides free server hosting and orchestration, eliminating the need for separate server management. Multiple servers are automatically deployed in various regions when you publish your game. Servers scale automatically as needed, and Moddio efficiently routes traffic to balance the player load, providing a seamless player experience even with fluctuating traffic.


An example of a game with multiple servers.

Built-in Netcode

The engine’s netcode is already optimized with snapshot interpolation and compression. This allows a single-core CPU instance to handle hundreds of moving entities with 64 concurrent players.


A game with many players and moving entities.

Games are server-authoritative which allows for competitive game genres such as shooters and MMORPGs. For an improved player experience, lag-compensation techniques are built-in, such as client-side prediction and server reconciliation. Moddio provides robust netcode, saving you from the exhaustive effort of writing it yourself.


Server Reconciliation: The green box represents the server-streamed position of the player unit with 500ms delay. You can see how the player unit reconciles into the greenbox. The player feels no delay.

In-Game Monetization Options

Moddio simplifies monetization by providing infrastructure to handle payments and revenue sharing. Developers can optionally monetize your games through in-game purchases, skins, or ads. You have complete control over the in-game shop, as well as when and how to show ads. Developers can also enable players to submit skin designs. When these are purchased, revenue is split between the developer and the skin contributor. This allows for user-generated skins, and greater community engagement.


An example of an in-game shop. The player purchases a skin to equip their character.

Built-in Role Management and Moderation

The platform comes with role management and permissions within games. Developers can add collaborators to help build the games, or you can assign moderators to oversee player interactions, such as banning, kicking, or muting. You can also assign roles to players for different levels of game access, such as requiring login to join, or access to a gated community chat.


This game has multiple roles available with different permissions for each role. You can also moderate and ban/kick users from your games.

Social Features

Multiplayer games need social features for players to interact. Moddio includes in-game chat with a language filter. You can assign players with different color names based on set criteria, such as different teams or player achievements. You can also add Lobbies to your games, whether for team-based games or to allow players to have more control over who they are playing with.


You can add lobbies for your games with one click. Players have a unique URL to invite others.

Players can Friend, Follow, and Direct Message other players, which helps you to build a community around your games.

Visual Scripting Editor

Moddio's visual scripting editor simplifies game development for both beginners and experienced developers. For beginners, Moddio removes the need for deep programming knowledge. And for advanced developers, it significantly speeds up the prototyping and iteration process so developers can quickly visualize, test, and refine their game concepts.


A visual script editor allows you to build your game without needing to actually write code or worry about syntax.

Built-in Map Editor

The engine comes with a map editor to easily build your game. You can edit map tiles and place objects (e.g. units, items, etc) by dragging and dropping them onto the map. Developers and players see the game update instantly as changes are made.


You can drag objects directly onto the map and edit them. You can also draw your map within the editor and see changes in real-time.

Millions of Players

Millions of players worldwide are already playing games made with Moddio, such as, KarmaSlayers, Safari Hunt and Whether you want to make a fast-paced shooter, a real-time strategy game, a RPG, or just a cozy game, Moddio provides the flexibility for Phaser developers to get started.


A wide variety of games are available on Moddio.

Moddio’s game engine is open-source, and completely free to use. Optionally, if you choose to use Moddio to sell in-game items and skins, Moddio takes a small transaction fee of purchases. Moddio is really easy to get started, especially if you want to build a multiplayer game. We encourage developers to try Moddio out and let them know what you think - your feedback will help them continue to improve.

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