We're very excited to announce that Phaser was the recipient of a significant donation from OPGames as part of their mission to cultivate the growth of web3 gaming.

"We are truly honored to be able to support open-source with the funds raised by our Arcadians community! Open-source game engines are the perfect example of a public good: they are free for anyone to use and safeguards developers from platform lock-in. We hope that this donation will inspire others to support more open-source projects, as they will be foundational in how we break free from the attention economy", said OPGames CTO and co-founder Paul Gadi.

Phaser is being used in ever-diverse areas of gaming and it's only natural that we should want it to be at the forefront of web3, for those exploring this exciting new space. The donation will be used towards the work being undertaken on the development of Phaser 4, allowing us to continue championing our vision of a truly open-source game engine built for the web and powered by web technology.

OPGames are working on OP Arcade, a player-facing gaming portal. Phaser developers, artists, and designers looking to get funded to publish games onto web3 are encouraged to sign up via this form.

About OPGames

OPGames is an open-source technology company focused on bridging game developers to web3. We aim to be the center of web3 gaming, using radical economics to support our vibrant community of developers, creators, fans, and players.

About Arcadians

Inspired by the nostalgic feeling of arcade games, the Arcadians are 10,000 generative avatars that are awesome pixel art creations with varying traits and features referencing the games we’ve all loved growing up. Arcadians are game legos: they are composable open-source tools that enable co-creation among game developers.

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