The Bowling Club will make you feel like you’re a natural at bowling, even if you’re not. The game is simple enough, you swipe up to send the ball rolling towards the skittles. The faster you swipe, the more power the ball has, which tends to lend an advantage to mobile users.

The Bowling Club is slightly more forgiving than real-life bowling. You can switch the barriers on to ensure the ball doesn’t fall into the gutter, and you have 3 chances to undo the last move.

Every now and then, the game will reward you with a golden pin. If you hit it, you’ll get a golden ball as a reward. The golden ball virtually defies physics, and you can hurl it at unrealistic speeds to take down the pins - making for a much easier strike.


As you continue sliding down the glistening alley to bowling stardom, you’ll reach new levels of mastery and earn coins for upgrades. You can use your hard-earned coinage to purchase golden balls, undo, and some more powerful upgrades like the Shooting Star and CannonBall. You’ll also reach higher levels of mastery depending on your Exp level.

The Bowling Club is an addictively fun bowling title with plenty of rewards and progression to keep you engaged. You can play The Bowling Club for free in your web browser on desktop and mobile devices. Head over to CrazyGames to play The Bowling Club.

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