image lets you dip ever deeper into the ocean to find new and exotic lifeforms to sell for capital. Become an unnaturally effective force against oceanic life and reap the rewards.

Cast your line into the sea and impale as many fish as you can. There’s something entrancing about repeatedly casting a deadly hook ever deeper into the ocean, hoping to make the next big catch.


Every catch earns money that you can use to purchase upgrades to your bucket size, fish price, and the depth you can reach. With a larger bucket, you can catch more fish, with the increased depth providing access to more valuable species.

Every time you catch a new species of fish, it will be added to your trophy cabinet, where you get a one-time payment for clicking on it. You’ll also occasionally come across diamonds - not sure how they got there - but they provide a considerable boost to your earnings so try to catch them when you can. is a game that’ll keep you hooked on its line, wanting to get ‘just one more catch’. You can play Fishing IO for free in your web browser at CrazyGames using your desktop or mobile device.

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