Swing your way to the finish and watch the grand finale as you're catapulted far across the terrain.

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Hanger 2 is a fun arcade game that keeps you hooked with its simple but satisfying swing mechanics. The goal is to reach the end of the level and see how far your ragdoll character travels when boosted off the finish line. The further you go, the more new terrain you'll uncover.


There are obstacles, springboards, and boosters scattered throughout levels to help or hinder you. You can expect your limbs to be swiftly removed if you slam into any solid objects. Not that it matters.

On your way to becoming a human cannonball, you'll find floating keys that are later used to unlock chests containing various items like skins and gold coins.


When you've collected enough gold, you can use it to upgrade your boost and strength abilities and purchase new skins in the shop.

Hanger 2 is a simple but satisfying game that makes you want to keep playing, upgrading your character, and flying further. New elements are introduced as you progress, making you want to see what each level has in store. You can play Hanger 2 for free in your web browser using your desktop or mobile device.

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