Build the hyper casual game Circle Race in 80 lines of Phaser code.

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Emanuele Feronato writes: "Some days ago I played “Circle Race“, a HTML5 game built with Construct.

In this easy but fun hyper casual game, you control a ball running around a circle. I said “you control” but actually you don’t control anything. The ball runs on its own, and you can just tap and hold to speed it up.

Too easy? Problems come into play when enemy balls appear running around another circle, overlapping the circle followed by our ball. If an enemy hits the ball, it’s game over, so it’s up to players to speed up the ball wisely, to avoid collisions.

That’s it. and I managed to build in less than 100 lines, with a lot of room for customization. And also consider I did not use any sprite, all the graphic assets you see in the game, are generated on the fly."

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