Tommy Leung from Ourcade writes: "Setting up your development environment for Phaser 3 as a beginner to web development can be a challenge. We share 5 simple and easy options for Mac or Windows.

Are you new to Phaser 3 and web development? The getting started guides probably make no sense to you.

You are reading about code editors, project files, and local web servers. That last one sounds particularly scary.

This is called setting up a development environment and you didn't have to do any of that if you came from learning JavaScript through Codecademy, Kahn Academy, or SoloLearn.

But fear not! It is not as difficult as it sounds and not understanding the guides and tutorials doesn't make you stupid.

We all don't know before we know. There is no other way.

In this article, we will give you 5 different ways to get a simple Phaser 3 project up and running so you can start learning from a course you bought on Udemy or a tutorial on YouTube."

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