Enter the complex labyrinth of deadly devices and traps in this massive hit brutal platformer!

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Another Vex series is here for gamers who enjoy overcoming brutal challenges. They pay off though, don’t they? Vex 5 is a platform game with a complex labyrinth of deadly devices and traps. Overcome these traps and get vexed in the next act!


Vex is a well-established game series featuring a stick figure and multiple levels of deadly obstacles. Timing is imperative as multiple swinging razor blades, disappearing floors, and dropping spikes threaten your existence.

In Vex 5, the challenge only intensifies. The new ‘challenge room’ game mode puts you in a room with 30 levels of deadly puzzles designed to break your will. If you give up, you have to start back at the beginning. Like the acts, these challenges are timed and your deaths are tallied.

Despite the brutality of the challenge room, you can earn multiple achievements in Vex 5. There are four categories in your trophy collection. Even those who die too much get their own token of appreciation.


Each standard level you complete is part of your achievements. The hardcore achievements are scored by grabbing stars on standard levels and finishing acts on hard mode.

There’s a creative way to meet your fate around every corner in Vex 5. Whether it’s ropes covered in blades or water exposed to live electricity. You won’t want to stop playing, even if it does drive you crazy.


As with previous Vex titles, there are 10 standard levels of addictive challenges to keep you busy. Put your perception, reflexes, and sheer patience to the test and head over to CrazyGames to play Vex 5 in your web browser, right now!

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