Nic Raboy at Polyglot Developer writes: "In 2D games, it is not uncommon to want animated backgrounds. Having static images in your levels doesn’t necessarily add to the game-play experience, so a little bit of motion can go a long way.

So how can you do this without having to manage these background images like you would a typical sprite?

Rather than worrying about creating, destroying, and managing sprites to represent components of your background, it might make sense to use a tile sprite, sometimes referred to as a tilemap. With a tile sprite you are grabbing tiles from an image and using them wherever you might need them. This approach is common for game backgrounds or levels that have a lot of asset repetition because it takes less resources and will leave you with a higher performance game.

In this tutorial, we’re going to see how to use a tile sprite in a Phaser 3.x game to add an infinite scrolling effect to the background in our game."

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