Wiserim on GitHub has released Phaser Raycaster v0.9.3, a Phaser 3 plugin which provide raycasting for geometric Game Objects, Sprites and Matter.js bodies. It can be used with Arcade Physics and Matter Physics.



  • Compatible with Arcade and Matter Physics.
  • Raycasting in a single direction, 360 degrees circle or in a cone.
  • Visibility detection - collision detection with game objects.
  • Test rays against mapped Game Objects: Containers, Lines, Rectangles, Polygons, Circles, Sprites, Tilemaps and Matter bodies.
  • Provides closest intersection points between rays and tested objects.
  • Tests can be made on all mapped objects, selected ones or only ones within detection range.
  • Static and Dynamic mapping for individual objects.
  • Mapped objects intersections detection.

The plugin comes with full documentation and examples on Codepen.

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