Emanuele Feronato writes: "Grindstone is a great Apple Arcade game which mixes draw and match gameplay – you can find a tutorial series about Dungeon Raid – with RPG strategy, and above all it’s not a free to play game, so it’s worth the subscription to Apple Arcade, in my opinion.

But most of all it’s a fun game, so why not building a HTML5 prototype using Phaser?

Basically the gameplay is similar to other draw and match games, with four differences:

1 – Game field is not entirely covered by gems/fruits/jewels but there’s also a player – in the original game a lot of enemies too.

2 – Chains must start from player position.

3 – Player moves along the chain.

4 – Player does not fall down.

So we started from the pure JavaScript class to handle games like Dungeon Raid and modified it to add the new features.

The class has no dependencies so you can use it with any JavaScript framework, leaving to you only input and animation management."

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